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Quarter Horse Associations

Alabama Quarter Horse Association

Holds information on the club's membership and show programs. With details on point standings and trail rides.

Alaska State Quarter Horse Association

Database of organization news and upcoming shows. Results list and membership forms provided.

American Quarter Horse Association

Detailed information on the breed that include its reproductive organs, muscles, and skeletal structure. Also presents foundation overview and recreation activities of the organization.

American Quarter Horse Association Southeast Iowa Breeders

Contains details on club members as well as its horse sales. Club facilities also presented.

Arkansas Quarter Horse Association

Online community of quarter horse lovers in Arkansas. Provides forums for discussions covering a wide range of breed-related topics.

Australian Quarter Horse Association

Nonprofit organization aims to record and preserve Australian quarter horse bloodlines. Site presents registration and membership details.

British Columbia Quarter Horse Association

Access to club news and upcoming events with membership details and sales information.

Connecticut Quarter Horse Association

Presenting the organization's upcoming shows and events with details on point standings and by-laws.

Cow Country Quarter Horse Association

Group of quarter horse enthusiasts throughout the the eastern Montana region. Site offers membership details as well as show and events list.

Cow Country Quarter Horse Association

Non-profit organization promoting Quarter Horses in Montana. Includes constitution and bylaws, membership application, calendar of events, upcoming shows, photo gallery, and documents. http://www.facebook.com/CCQHA

Empire State Quarter Horse Association

Aims to promote the interest of quarter horse ownership. Site includes news releases, membership details, and show schedule.

Foundation Quarter Horse Association

Nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting the interest of quarter horse ownership.

Foundation Quarter Horse Registry

Club dedicated to preserving, protecting, and perpetuating quarter horse bloodlines. Site comes with show schedule and rule book.

Georgia Quarter Horse Association

Guide to club membership and show schedule with an image gallery and a list of affiliates.

Hawaii Quarter Horse Association

Regional organization dedicated to promoting ownership and use of American quarter horses.

Illinois Quarter Horse Association

Database of club news and information covering membership particulars, show schedule, and race details.

Indiana Quarter Horse Association

Aims to promote quarter horses in all aspects of equestrian sports. Site offers membership information and details on upcoming shows.

Iowa Quarter Horse Association

Contains club overview along with membership details, show schedule, events list, and point standings.

Kentucky Quarter Horse Association

Promotes and protects the interests of the Quarter Hose within the commonwealth. Includes leadership list, bylaws, legislative priorities, news and events. Located in Lexington.

Louisiana Quarter Horse Association

Encouraging ownership of quarter horses through education, exhibition, promotion, and more. Site includes show schedule and club announcements.

Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association

Online source for club membership, show schedule, ride program, and events list.

Michigan Quarter Horse Association

Information on the club's membership and upcoming events. Details on point standings provided.

Mid-South Quarter Horse Association

Homepage of the club providing show schedule, results, point standings, and an image gallery.

Mississippi Quarter Horse Association

Organization established to encourage quarter horse ownership and participation. Site includes show schedule and membership particulars.

Montana Horse Association

Nonprofit organization aiming to promote the use of American quarter horses. Site provides details on ride programs as well as membership particulars.

National Foundation Quarter Horse Association

Overview of the club's history with details on its upcoming events, rules, and membership.

Nebraska Quarter Horse Association

Covers officers and directors, membership application, events, meeting minutes and information about the NE breeders program.

New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association

Affiliate of the AQHA in Amarillo, Texas. Includes bylaws, calendar of events, legislation, membership form, show information, and recreational ride program.

New Jersey Quarter Horse Association

Access to club membership and upcoming events. News and an image gallery included.

New Mexico Quarter Horse Association

Aims to promote and encourage the interest of breeding, racing, and showing American quarter horses.

North Carolina Quarter Horse Association

Portal to membership information along with events schedule, district news, and show details.

North Dakota Quarter Horse Association

Providing activities and programs focused on promoting American quarter horse breeds. Site offers membership details as well as show schedule.

Northeast Nebraska Quarter Horse Breeders Association

Group of horse lovers aiming to improve the quarter horse breed. Site includes sales list and membership details.

Northern Ohio Quarter Horse Association

Resource for club news and updates including membership and scholarship details.

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association

Online resource for club news and information encompassing events list, show schedule, and members directory.

Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association

Contains details on club membership along with its rules, guidelines, and sales list.

Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association

Catering to the interests of quarter horse enthusiasts site presents program details, show schedule, and trainers directory.

Powder River Quarter Horse Breeders Association

Database of club news and information covering membership details and events list.

Quarter Horse Association of Alberta

News and club information with membership details and events calendar.

Virginia Quarter Horse Association

Aims to promote the sale, breeding, exhibition, and ownership of quarter horses in Virginia.

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