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Hip-Hop Graffiti

  • 149st New York City Cyber Bench

    Presents list of currently featured artists, encapsulated history, profile of crews, and glossary.

  • 50mm Los Angeles

    Source for photographs of Los Angeles graffiti art. Aims to catalog writings, street art, and the history of the local graffiti movement.

  • 6EMEIA

    Urban intervention art on walls, traffic signs, ads, and trees across a modern city scape.

  • All Romanian Crews

    Presents the latest postings, a list of categories, and archives. Includes the latest uploaded graffiti gallery.

  • Art Crimes

    Seeks to publish and preserve graffiti art as seen from different cities around the world.

  • Art Crimes: Twist

    Showcases the artwork photos of San Francisco's favorite graffiti artists.

  • Artistic Bombing Crew

    Information includes a history, a list of artists, photos, press releases, and the related links. With forums and contact details.

  • Bandit 77

    Presents some artworks, canvas, a guestbook, related links, imprints, and contact details.

  • Blade-King of Graf

    Displays bibliography, news updates, list of exhibit shows, drawings, and merchandising information.

  • Blek le Rat

    Shows some video clips, galleries, related links, and contact details. Also shows the manifesto of Stencilism.

  • Bombing Science

    International community of graffiti writers with huge graffiti art image galleries, community forums, directories, and other graffiti related resources.

  • Cans.Pl

    Features new photos with full stories and comments. With partners, teamwalls, and galleries.

  • Daddy Cool

    Provides some downloads, imprints, an email address, and an archive. With new updates.

  • Donovan Slacks

    Features a photo album, research studies, message board, and contact information.

  • Ekosystem

    International community of graffiti art and artists. With news, forums, and links to other graffiti related sites.

  • ESPO

    Volunteer group that fosters improvement in the city through graffiti markings. Contains before and after photos and related links.

  • Graffiti Archaeology

    Highlights a study about graffiti-covered walls over time. Includes FAQs, words from the author, and featured collection of marked wall photos.

  • Graffiti Arts

    Features graffiti pictures and videos, news updates, and photographs. Also shows comments and contact information.

  • Graffiti Brasil

    Offers both stunning photography and in-depth history and insight. With press releases and reviews.

  • Graffiti.no

    Information includes forums, interviews, related links, archives, and a mailing order.

  • Graphotism

    Information provides online shopping, galleries, features, and forums. Includes deayils on books, magazines, and video.

  • Graphotism

    Exclusive international Graffiti writers' website. Requires membership and subscription for full access to the site's features.

  • Latrinalia

    Presents a photo-laden essay on the study of restroom graffiti. Comes with biography and contact details.

  • MAC Crew

    Contains news updates, picture gallery, discussion forum, and contact details.

  • Maltese Graffiti Central

    Focusing primarily on the Maltese graffiti scene. Presents images and information about graffiti art in the local area as well as contributions from other graffiti writers the world over.

  • Maseo

    Provides a list of old and new graffiti photos, along with the author's friends, neighbor's, and outsider's contributions.

  • Melbourne Graffiti Art

    Introducing a group whose main goal is to expose the grafitti art in the Melbourne streets. With a huge image gallery.

  • Mike Giant

    Includes the artist's biography, graffiti photos, various tattoo designs, and details on exhibitions.

  • New York Trash

    Contains original photos of old school graffiti works, list of bands arranged in alphabetical order, and music reviews.

  • Paopao

    Showcases a collection of images of street art, design and sketches from Italy.

  • Puffing Billy Posse

    Contains information and pictures of Melbourne graffiti, sketches, and murals.

  • Quake TFL CBS

    Features a collection of graffiti pictures captured by a Californian artist.

  • Rok2 Graffiti Art

    Showcases pictures of graffiti, sketches, and murals collected from Austria.

  • Sal One

    Resource for information and pictures of the graffiti artist based in Netherlands. Includes related links and contact details.

  • Sloke One

    Presents the biography of Nathan Nordstrom, a Texas-born artist; with pictures of his graffiti artworks displayed.

  • Speerstra

    Site of a contemporary graffiti writers group. Presents image galleries, artists biographies, and information on the history of graffiti.

  • Speerstra Gallery

    Provides information on this post graffiti and contemporary art exhibition space located in Bursins, Switzerland.

  • Stencil Graffiti

    Covers information on this book by Tristan Manco. Also includes ordering details, archives and related links.

  • Tare Styles

    Showcases the sketches, animations and clothing prints of this French artist. Displays pictures of his works that are available for sale.

  • Tazegraff

    Contains an image gallery of graffiti works from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

  • Tes

    Shows series of sketches, murals and prints from the street art of Norway.

  • TheSavager.com

    Displays the artist's biography, gallery of graffiti, photo, and artworks, music playlist, and forum page.

  • Three Steps Ahead

    Shows the works of German graffiti artists SiveOne, Nova and Mr. Flash, who are painting together since 1998. With pictures and profiles presented.

  • UK Graffiti

    Shows a collection of the area’s graffiti sketches and tags. Includes images, artists’ profiles and related links.

  • United Kingdom Graffiti

    International graffiti art site. Presents image galleries, interviews, chat rooms and a directory of graffiti writers.

  • Urban Damage

    Provides a record of graffiti and clothing prints from Kelzo artists. Shows images and studio details.

  • VIPcrew

    Displays pictures on the wall paintings, sketches, canvas designed and collected by this German graffiti artists.

  • Visual Orgasm

    Canada based graffiti community serves as an archive of street creativity. Aims to protect and promote the graffiti arts.

  • Visual Resistance

    Artist-activists group based in Brooklyn, New York. Aims to use art to transform and utilize public space as means for declaring political views.

  • Wish One

    Contains information about this London-based graffiti painter and designer. Includes her profile, projects made, collaborations and contact details.

  • Won ABC

    Displays a gallery of images of this German writer and graffiti designer.

  • Zone 8000

    Shows series of graffiti images from the streets of Bruges, Belgium. Also contains news articles about related topics.

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