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Chishti Nizami Habibi Soofie Islamic Order International

Information about their organization and activities in Durban, South Africa. Includes background material on Sufism, their saints, and contact details.

The Chishti Website

Includes background on the teachings and history of the tariqa, Information about the history and teachings of the order, with a collection of stories and poetry.

Hazoor Khawaja Gharibnawaz (R.A.)

An account of the founder of the Chishti order, his life, writings, and miracles; also includes information about events held in his honor in Ajmer, and background on Sufism.

The Light of Golra Sharif

Offers biographies of Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah and his son, with excerpts from his writings, and information about his shrine in the town of Golra, near Islamabad, Pakistan.

Silsila Chishtia Sabria

A subdivision of the Chisti tariqa; includes their chain of authority up to their present Pir, and their annual celebrations in the city of Sarghoda, in the Punjab.

Sufi Ajmer

The Gudri Shahi Order present an account of the Chishtiyya, its founders, and leaders, with a guide to and history of the city of Ajmer.

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