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The mystical tradition within Islam, which has profoundly enriched both Sunni and Shia Islam since the 8th century CE. It has played an extraordinary role in the expansion and spiritual development of Islam.

Traditionally, Sufis organise themselves in orders, following chains of spiritual and mystical authority.

A number of "non-traditional" Sufi schools/organizations have also developed, mainly (but not exclusively) in the West. They tend to see Sufism as a universal spiritual quest/philosophy predating Islam, independent of the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad; as a result, they are much more open to other spiritual traditions.
  • Living Islam

    A wide ranging collection of articles, biographies and other resources on Sufism and Islam, including many by Sheikh Gibril Fouad Haddad.

  • Serving the Guest - A Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery

    A collection of essays, teachings and tales, related to Sufism and food; also contains recipes from a number of Muslim cultures, a gallery of Islamic art.

  • Sufi News and Sufism World Report

    An archive of news reports from around the world concerning Sufis and Sufism in blog format.

  • Sufism - and Enquiry

    A journal for studies in self knowledge published by the International Association of Sufism; includes an archive of sample articles, details of the current issue, and subscription information.

  • Sufism and Science

    An exploration of Islam and Sufism by the Turkish philosopher, Ahmed Hulusi, translated by Ahmed Baki; includes e-books, articles, and audio-visual resources.

  • Sufism in Morocco

    Historically, Morocco is a major source of Islamic mysticism; includes an exploration of the Sufi tradition, the different tariqas, Moroccan saints, and their impact on the wider world of Islam.

  • Sufism's Many Paths

    A introduction to Sufism (Tasawwuf), its history and development, and current status; includes a collection of links to other resources. Maintained by Dr Alan Godlas, University of Georgia.

  • Zensufi Park

    A collection of Zen and Sufi tales, with a blog.

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