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Named after Ismail bin Jafar, who they believe to be the seventh Imam, rather than the lineage accepted by Ithna'sheri (Twelver) Shi'a.

The rulers of the medieval Fatimid dynasty based in Cairo, Egypt, were Ismaili.

There are several sub-groups, the largest (and best known in the west) being perhaps the Nizari line, who accept the Aga Khan as their spiritual leader.
  • The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

    Dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to faith, origin or gender. Includes information about their programs, countries where they work, and background on the Ismaili community.

  • Heritage Society

    An online resource center for Ismaili studies, with news, history of the community, library, listing of Jamat Khanas worldwide, forum, and photo galleries.

  • The Institute of Ismaili Studies

    Founded to support the Ismaili community’s interest in its own history and its relationship to wider Islamic scholarship and contemporary thought. Includes information about its research, graduate studies program, library and publications.

  • Ismaili Mail

    A blog of news, articles, and audio-visual resources related to Ismaili Imamat activities and community. Includes an introduction to their faith.

  • Ismaili Web

    A guide to the faith and practice of Ismailis, with a history, a profile of the Aga Khan and his lineage, and a collection of poetry.

  • IsmailiSoul

    A Yahoo! discussion forum for Ismailis.

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