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A minor sect in Islam. who consider themselves to adhere to "true Islam", using English equivalents to "Muslim" and "Islam"; however, they are considered heretical by most Muslims. Founded by Dr Rashad Khalifa. Their principal base is Masjid Tucson in Arizona, USA.
  • Edip Yuksel

    Personal site of a former member of the United Submitters International. Includes his profile, publications, and a collection of his writings.

  • Ramadan and Islam

    An introduction to the month of fasting; includes articles, guidance, and reflections on the benefits of the practice.


    A collection of resources on the beliefs and practices of Submission (Islam), and the mathematical miracle of the Qur'an; includes a catalog of books and other materials.

  • What is God's Message?

    An account of Dr Rashad Khalifa's mathematical analysis of the Qur'an, with prayer times for United Submitters International in California.

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