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Islamic information site, strives to clarify the Islamic Creed as based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and as the four schools of Ahlus-Sunnah deduced.

The Amman Message

A detailed statement to clarify the true nature of Islam, released by King Abdullah of Jordan in 2004, and prepared by scholars representing Sunni, Shi'a, and Ibadhi Islam; traditional theology and Sufism. Includes the original text, and supporting materials.


Strives to aid the sick, aged, and helpless, with plans to improve sanitation and prevent disease, to encourage social and domestic hygiene, and future plans to build, repair, and maintain schools.

Discover Islam

Providing major tenets of the Islamic belief, selected readings, prayers, and related resources.

God's Mosque

Provides answers to real questions about Islam and current events, using the Quran as a reference.

Islam 101

An educational site on Islam, its way of life, civilization and culture.

Portal provides articles, resources, directory, shopping, discussion forums, and links to Muslim newspapers.

Islamic Paths

Extensive information including articles, calendar, classifieds, downloads, entertainments, forums, galleries, news, and more.

Provides an introduction to the religion, Islamic book reviews, and Islamic resources.

Muslim Heritage

Provides historic information about Islam, including its role in Oriental, European, and Arabic technology, a list of Muslim scholars since the year 765, and books on the topics.


Providing information, resources and articles on Islam, Quran, recitation, reformation, and related links.

Poisonous Arrow

Collections of articles that discuss the religion of Islam.

Qibla Locator

Used to find the direction of the Kaa’ba without using a compass. Just add a location and view the map.

The Religion of Islam

Collection of informative articles on the different aspects of Islam designed for people of various faiths who want to understand Islam and Muslims.

Commentary on the activities of Islamic extremists.

Understanding Islam

Toward a balanced perspective on the Qur'an, Islam as it exists in the world and Muslim-Christian dialogue.

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