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Christian Young Earth View

  • Ark Foundation

    Justifies belief on Christianity’s creation and opposition on evolution theory. With announcements, schedule of official activities, and links.

  • Awesome Works Emporium

    Promotes published book entitled “Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation” that discusses topics and arguments on creationism against evolutionism.

  • Biblical Creation Society

    Composed of Christian believers of creation and Scriptures. Includes articles, list of recommended book readings, and photos.

  • Christian Evidence Museum

    Houses educational resources and scientific display that proves creation. Also includes overview, profile, and background details.

  • Creation Research Society

    Aims to distribute publication, conduct research, and promote Biblical creation. Details studies, profile of group officials, history, and requirements for membership.

  • Creation Resource Library

    Compiles articles on creationism, list of resource books, images, and illustrations. Also includes links to other related sites, FAQs, and contact details.

  • Creation Science

    Gathers different resources to present arguments on creationism versus evolutionism. With slide presentations and topic list.

  • Creation Science Association for Mid-America

    Contains profile of group and refutes on fallacies and theory of evolution. Also displays articles, news updates, and FAQs.

  • Creation Science FAQs

    Lists answers queries about evolution theory and creation of the Christian Scriptures.

  • Creation Science of Association of British Columbia

    Discusses evolution of theory. Provides articles, quotations, list of resources, membership details and profile of proponents.

  • Creation Science Resources

    Indexes articles and resources that deals with refuting the aspects of the evolution theory. Contains related links, list of books for sale, and photos.

  • Creation Truth Foundation

    Displays background and history of the organization, including its programs, resources and museum updates.

  • Earth Science Associates: Fingerprints of Creation

    Refutes Theory of Evolution through the study of halos or primordial polonium. Also contains articles, news reports, videos, and listings of published resources.

  • Evidence for a Young World

    Enumerates and discusses arguments and contradiction of evolutionists.

  • Genesis Research: New Perspectives Affirming the Biblical Genesis Record

    Provides interpretations and analysis of scriptural content and its principles where creation science theory is based.

  • Institute for Creation Research: Evidence for a Young

    Enumerates normal occurrences with nature that verifies the Young Earth Theory and at the same time argues the claims of evolutionists as proof.

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