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Christian Origins and Creation

The Belief Spectrum: Who Believes What?

Details articles where different worldviews are presented. Contains comments and links to related pages.

Creationism by Jeffrey Koperski

Reports on issues, concerns, and the different components of the debate between evolution and creationism.

Creationism by Jeffrey Koperski

Discusses elements of different theories, such as Theistic Evolution, Scriptures, Creation Science, Flood Geology, and Gap Theory.

Intelligent Design in Science? Questions about Science, Philosophy, and Theology

Defines the concept of Intelligent Design as another theory of how the world came to be. Comes with related links and articles.

Science and Spirituality: Is Harmony Possible? – Can Creation and Evolution Both Be Right?

Displays different views of creation as well as their corresponding components of beliefs and evidence.

Three Christian Views of Creation – FAQ

Includes photos, related links and articles, and FAQs.

What is Creationism? By Mark Isaak

Highlights overview on Creation, Evolution, and their components. Contains links to related articles and pages.

Young or Old?: The Options

Focuses on basically four views on the world’s age and their definitions. Contains related links and a slide show presenting the proposed theories.

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