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Christian Chant Music

Chant Links

Long list of chant resources with descriptions.

Chant MIDI Files

Gregorian chants compilation from noteworthy composers. Listed alphabetically, presented by Richard Lee.

Georgian Sacred and Ritual Music

Besiki Sisauri presents this electronic material highlighting the history and tradition of Georgian sacred and ritual music.

The Gregorian Association

Offers help for chant notation and performance. Provides articles on the use of chants in masses, and divine offices.

Gregorian Chant

Encyclopedia presentation of the origin and nature of the Gregorian chant. Cites the principal proofs of the Gregorian tradition.

Gregorian Schola

Overview of St. Joseph Parish's Gregoria Schola. Has information on leadership and membership, performances, and programs.

Healing Chants

Norma Gentile, a recording artist and healer, presents his healing chants, recordings, and writings in this site.

Musica Sacra

Information base of the Church Music Association of America. Presents Ward Method courses, sacred music, and documents.

The Saint Gregory Society

Presents Gregorian chant recordings and news.

Unmercenary Sacred Music

Provides free congregational liturgical music for Orthodox and Catholic communities.

Viri Galilaei Association

Information about the structure, objectives, membership, and founding of the Viri Galilaeo Association, a choir at the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Florence.

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