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Assyrian Church of the East

Assyrian Church of the East News

Contains photos and other related media resources detailing the achievements and events of the denomination.

The Church of the East

Details the history and religious influences of the religious establishment. Also highlights the achievements of the leadership.

Church Of the East - India

Explains the theological views of the organization. Also provides calendars and photo galleries on the events and activities hosted by the establishment.

Common Christological Declaration Between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East

Explores the relationship between the two religious denominations.

East Asian History Sourcebook: Ch'ing-Tsing: Nestorian Tablet

Contains the archeological details and translation of the artifact that proves the existence of Christianity on ancient China.

Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East

Contains documents on the history, leadership, and theological insights of the religious denomination.

The Martyr Mar Binyamin Shamaon

Showcases an article that describes the political and religious fallout following the assassination of the church leader.

Contains profiles of the church leaders, location of worship sites, and the historical timeline of the religion.

The Question of Communion

Discusses the development of the sacred right within the religion.

Selections from the Assyrian Liturgy

Posts selected articles used on worship services translated from classical Aramaic.

St. Mary's Parish

Displays ministry highlights, links to educational resources, and leadership profiles.

Syriac Christianity in Central Asia

Reports on the ministry developments and shows profiles of leaders within the religious organization.

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