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Church History Timeline: The Puritans – 1600-1699

Outlines major occurrences that influenced the development of the Christian Church in one way or another.

Context and Developments: The Pilgrims

Relates history of the group as they migrated to the Unites States from England to escape persecution and establish their faith in the New World.

Kay Kizer: Puritans

Portrays an image of the group that explains their traditional ways, attempts and faith.

National Humanities Center: Puritanism and Predestination

Profiles group regarding their system of faith, way of life, and legacy to other people.

Protestant Reformation: The English Puritans

Defines terms used including the group’s names and discusses what they stand for and believe in.

Puritanism, Puritans

Brief discussion and presentation of facts that clarifies the wrong image unjustly given to the group.

Scott Atkins: The American Sense of Puritan

Previews discussion that delves into the deeper issues and meaning of the people that inculcated their culture into what is collectively called as American.

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