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American Society of Church History

Devotes research and study in exploring the development and progress of religion in all its forms and denominations.

Concordia Historical Institute

Compiles articles and research papers that focuses on the growth and establishment of religion and its variety of denominations.

Divining America: Religion and the National Culture

Collects formal research papers on the expansion, origins and modern state of religion in the United States of America. With discussions and resources.

Documenting the American South: The Church in the Southern Black Community

Archives materials including published manuscripts, articles, and other teaching tools that aids learning of origins and development of religion in the area.

General Commission on Archives and History: The United Methodist Church

Gathers resources including books, articles, and learning materials that discusses history, development, and significance of Christianity.

Red White Blue and Brimstone: New World Literature and the American Millennium

Gives various interpretations and analytical studies into the Biblical accounts with regards to the end of the world or judgment day.

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Discusses origins and progress of Christianity in the old world. Includes list of public programs and exhibition overview.

Spirit Home: Pre-Pentecostalist History

Highlights denomination's profile and evolution of country's major organizations. Includes statistical studies and other factors.

Syracuse University Digital Projects: The Oneida Community Collection

Furnishes resources and study on the origins of locals, and development of worship and Christian practices.

Thomas Hooker (1586-1647)

Tracks major events in the life of the man, including his achievements in the field of Christianity, and excerpts of his religious articles and published materials.

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