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Pseudonymous Epistles

Epistle of the Apostles

Contains theological teachings and illustrations made by the apostles regarding the life of Jesus and the miracles he performed.

Letter of Peter to Philip

Features translation of the original content of the Biblical supplemental reading on the Apostle’s teachings.

Letter of Pontius Pilate

Furnishes a translated version of the grounds where Jesus Christ was charged with according to the communication submitted by Pontius Pilate.

Reluctant Messenger: Epistle to the Laodiceans

Promotes published manuscript that discusses controversial religious writing.

Report of Pilate the Procurator

Gives an account made by the leader of the Jews concerning the accusations against Jesus and the controversies that caused the people pandemonium.

Wesley Center Online: Book of John Evangelist

Provides brief translation of a version that relates Judgment Day according to an Apocryphal writing that did not pass canonization.

Wesley Center Online: Constitutions of the Holy Apostles

Describes another adaptation of the commandments, which adds additional laws on the relationship of men and women, attitudes of wives to husbands, and promiscuity, to name a few.

Wesley Center Online: Correspondence of Paul and Seneca

Features the supposed writing of the Apostle to a friend as an answer to his inquiry about the end of the world as prophesied.

Wesley Center Online: Epistle to the Laodiceans

Presents a concise description of the Apocryphal book and its complete full text translated from the original language used.

Wesley Center Online: Letters of Christ and Abgarus

Summarizes communication sent by a man to Jesus and his concern for the latter.

Whole Bible: Letters of Christ and Abgarus

Discusses the content of the communication between Jesus and character who offers his city as a place for refuge against his detractors.

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