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Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Ante-Nicene Fathers – Bibliographic Synopsis

Displays categories of the manuscript’s content and its bibliographical details to the sources used in re-publishing the translation of Origen’s work.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Fathers of the Third Century

Commemorates the contributions of ancient church history writer, Origen. With discussion and dedication to the study of Christianity.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Introductory Note to the Works of Origen

Narrative overview of the Church history writer’s published books. Includes excerpts of his works.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Translation of Pamphilus’ Defence of Origen

Highlights justification over accusations made against the theological plausibility of Origen’s manuscripts.

Coptic Orthodox Church Network: The School of Alexandria

Profiles Origen, author of Christian Church History manuscripts. Also provides overview on several contributions.

Development of the Canon of the New Testament

Describes the process proposed by Origen in setting-up standards for the evaluation and approval of inclusion as a part of the official Christian Scriptures.

Eulogists of Origen

Provides discussion that commemorates contributions of the church history author in the study of Christianity.

New Advent: Hexapla

Condensed annotations on the Old Testament and Hebraic version made by ancient Christian theologian, Origen.

New Advent: Origen and Origenism

Details notable life experiences of the ancient theologian that explains his position in issues and controversies.

Origen ca. 184-254 CE

Consists of historian’s summarized biography and overview of his theological views and manuscripts.

Origen of Alexandria (185-254 A.D.)

Details the life story of the author, particularly related to his work and study on the development of Christianity.

Origen of Alexandria (c.185-c.254)

Previews profile of the author, details on major life experiences and contributions to the study of the early Christian church development.

Origen, Unorthodox Church Father

Endeavors to introduce and explain the church historian’s life experiences and accomplishments.

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