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Apocryphal Acts

Acts of John

Highlights results of the content’s scrutiny as far as interpretation and truth is concerned.

Acts of the Martyr Habib

Posts translated version of the Apocryphal document accounting the events during the prophet’s tribulation in the name of Jesus Christ.

Early Christian Writings: Acts of John

Indexes articles and resource that analyzes content and implication of Christianity.

Early Christian Writings: Acts of Paul

Compiles resources that discusses the text found in addition to the apostle’s teachings.

New Advent: Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew

Presents Catholic Church’s excerpts from the Apocryphal books to the non-canonized Bible.

New Advent: Acts of John (Apocryphal)

Condenses commentary on the said book and studies issues regarding the end of the world.

New Advent: Apocryphal Works on the Assumption of Mary

Discusses significance of the Mother of Jesus in relation to the miracles that occurred in her life, particularly her ascension into heaven.

New Advent: The Acts of Barnabas

Relates the life experiences of the apostle, particularly in relation to his ministry and sacrifice in defense of his faith.

New Advent: The Acts of Peter and Paul

Accounts apostles' experiences after the death of Jesus Christ and during their ministerial work in Rome.

New Advent: The Acts of Thaddeus, One of the Twelve

Profiles the said tenth Apostle, recounting his beginnings as a devout follower of the Jesus and His ministry.

New Advent: The Death of Pilate

Religious writing's translated version on the Apocryphal book, understanding Pilate's persecution against Jews.

New Advent: The Giving Up of Pontius Pilate

Details story of how Pilate washed his hands off the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, blaming the crowd’s uproar as the reason for his judgment.

New Advent: The Martyrdom of Bartholomew

Relates the biographical details of the apostle and zeal for his Christian Ministry. Includes brief discussion on significant events.

Wesley Center Online: Acts of Paul

Proffers the Biblical similarities of what remains of the material and how its content and historian’s records supplements is viability as a religious writing.

Wesley Center Online: Acts of Thomas

Contains condensed commentary on the particular Apocryphal book. Includes full text of the translation.

The Whole Bible: Acts of Paul

Indicated the book's deal of Christian art and secondary literature.

Whole Bible: The Acts of Thomas

Provides interpretation of the religious writings, including its overview, structure analysis, and context.

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