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Ancient Heterodoxies

“Heresy,” Authority, Quarrels, and Words

Provides the meaning of sacrilegious teachings and enumerates the categories under the concepts covered by the religious deviancy.

Nestorian Church

Presents the beliefs of the organization, which states that the Deity and the humanity of Jesus Christ are two separate entities.

New Advent: Adoptionism

Focuses on the heretic belief that undermines the Deity of Jesus Christ as God’s Son, the explanation on its concepts and its implications on Christianity.

New Advent: Apollinarianism

Discusses the teachings and the implications of a theological view, which states that Christ is not fully human.

New Advent: Arianism

Features a summary of the heretic belief that Jesus Christ is not fully divine or Godly. Also contains illustrations and examples to best explain the concepts.

New Advent: Docetae

Explains the heresy wherein it states that the humanity of Christ is an illusion that appears to His followers.

New Advent: Ebionites

Discusses the history and the beliefs of the group on the Divinity of Jesus Christ and closely resembles more the teachings of Judaism.

New Advent: Marcionites

Introduces the concepts of the group on Jesus Christ, which states that Jesus is the Son of another God and not the God of the Covenant.

New Advent: Monarchians

Provides details on the group’s history, founder, and teachings that deny the concept of the Holy Trinity or the Three-persona God.

New Advent: Monophysites and Monophysitism

Narrates the teachings of the group that states the nature of Jesus Christ is unique and not the same as our humanity.

New Advent: Monothelitism and Monothelites

Profiles the group’s history and its teachings, one of which is the humanity of Jesus Christ even after He was borne from a human mother.

New Advent: Pelagius and Pelegianism

Presents the heretic teachings of the group that specify original sin is not a state all men are in, instead it teaches that it only applies to the first man created.

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