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King James Version Only Debate

Authorized Version: The King James Bible of 1611

Outlines discussion on the English Scripture and language, influences of people, and translation issues.


Resource for Scripture studies, false doctrine, versions, and Christian living.

Bible Issues

Provides list of articles, commentaries and problem texts on the different Scripture versions.

Chick Publications: Bible Versions FAQs

Provides comparison table on different Scripture texts, discussion on theological importance, and list of related articles ans resource.

Dial the Truth Ministries

Provides series of topical tracts, articles, audio files and FAQs on 666.

The King James Bible and other versions: Why does if matter?

Article discusses implications of the Scripture, existence and purpose.

The King James Bible: The Authorized Version

Discussion forum covers general issues on scriptural versions, with several articles on religion and prophecies.

New Age Bible Versions

Highlights words, verses, and doctrines covering the religion of Antichrist and scriptural versions.

New Testament Textual Criticism: The Case for Byzantine Priority

Publication focuses discussion on the faulty Textus Receptus editions, problem of modern Eclecticism, and principles of text restoration.

Should Creationists Abandon The King James Version?

Article discusses the significance of the modern translation of the Bible against the original manuscripts.

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