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New Testament Gospels

A Synoptic Gospels Primer: Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark and Luke

Gateway provides resource for the analysis of the epistles. Includes reviews and manuscript evidences.

Case Against Q

Publication provides information on Mark and Matthew and supplementary materials like articles and FAQs.

Harmony of the Gospels

Study presents verses, Bible passages, and prayers taken from the book.

Principles Involved in Harmonizing the Synoptic Gospels

Details standards concerning the epistle and cites significant verses and dates.

Project Gutendberg: The Gospels in Four Part Harmony

Publication by J. Clontz, based on ancient manuscripts that provides conclusions regarding Jesus.

Synoptic Gospels: Harmony / Disharmony of the Gospels

Highlights evidences, studies, and theories on the epistles.

Tektonics: Gospel Dates, Gospel Authors, Gospels Freedoms

Overview on the epistle's issues covering its authenticity and contexts.

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