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Sarah, originally called Sarai, was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. The first matriarch of the Hebrew people, she was unable to conceive, despite the promise of God to her husband that he would father many nations. Because she was beyond childbearing years, Sarah did not believe God would allow her to carry a child, and so she sent her servant Hagar to be impregnated by Abraham. Hagar became pregnant with Ishmael, and later, Sarah became pregnant with Isaac and became jealous, causing her husband to send Hagar and Ishmael away.
  • About Bible Prophecy: Sarah (Sarai)

    Contains a brief profile of Sarah, mother of the nations, as well as links to various prophecies, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and a glossary.

  • From Sarai to Sarah: A Woman's Journey To Faith

    A study of Sarah's virtue and her failings, with a focus on her taking matters of prophesy into her own hands contains the story of Sarah and Abraham and an interactive group of questions.

  • Sarah's Laughter

    A study of why Sarah laughed at God's promise to have her carry a child, and whether or not she was rebuked for it.

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