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Sampson, one of Israel's great judges, was granted superhuman strength through the Spirit of the Lord by an angel who made his mother vow that he would abstain from alcohol and to never cut his hair. He fell in love with a woman, Delilah, whom the Philistines pay to find out the secret of Samson's strength. Once she finds out that it is his hair, she has his head shaved, which breaks the Nazarite oath, causing him to become weak when God leaves him. The Philistines capture him, put his eyes out, and imprison him in Gaza where he is made to grind grain. One day, 3,000 men and women gather at their temple to watch Samson entertain them and Samson, who has grown his hair again, prays to avenge the Philistines for the loss of his eyes, and to die with them, and he pulls down the pillars which hold up the roof to the temple, which toppled down and killed all the people who were in it.
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