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Michal was the daughter of King Saul and David's wife. When her father wanted to kill David, Michal warned him, and he escaped. She pretended that he was sick in bed. While he was gone, Saul gave Michal to Palti to marry, and in the meantime, David took several other wives. Although Deuteronomy 24 makes it clear that is against the Law for a man to remarry a wife once he has divorced her and she had been defiled by another husband, David had not divorced her, and so he demanded her return once he became king.
  • The Affection And Care Of Jonathan And The Contrivances Of His Wife Michal

    Flavius Josephus, first century historian and author of Antiquities of the Jews, describes briefly here the efforts of Michal to save David.

  • On-line Tanach Class: Michal

    Provides a chronological narrative of Michal from her mentions in the bible, including her marriage to David, her marriage at the hand of her father to Palti ben Layish, and her remarriage to David once he became king.

  • Women of the Bible: Michal

    Subtitled A Woman Who Never Had a Mother's Day, this study profiles the character of Mical, what she did in her life, what David paid for a dowry and why, and her return to David, and focuses on her childlessness.

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