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Dan was the fifth son of Jacob, the first son of Bilhah, and the leader of the Tribe of Dan. In the apocryphal Testaments of the Patriarchs, Dan is said to have been the one who came up with the idea smearing Joseph's coat with the blood of a kid and lying to Jacob about what happened to him. Rabbinical sources consider Dan an archetype of wickedness. It was thought by early Christian writers including Irenaeus and Hippolytus that the Antichrist will come from the tribe of Dan.
  • Jewish Encyclopedia: Dan

    Presents biblical data about the man, his tribe and the city, as well as the rabbinical and Hellenistic view of Dan as a type of Antichrist.

  • New Advent: Dan

    Contains a brief biography of the son of Jacob, as well as a profile of the tribe he led and the city of Dan.

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