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Paul the apostle, originally called Saul of Tarsus, was known as "the Apostle to the Gentiles" due to his efforts to sway the early Church toward allowing Gentiles to convert directly to Christianity. He was a Roman citizen and a Jew, and called himself a persecutor of the Christian Church and was present at the stoning of Stephen. He was on his way to Damascus on the trail of Christians when he was knocked off of his horse and struck blind by the Lord. He was instructed by God to go to Damascus and wait for Ananias to come to him. Ananias, led by God, went to Paul and restored his sight, told him about the Gospels, and Paul was baptized. He was responsible for at least fourteen of the epistles in the bible, as well as establishing numerous churches, and revitalizing the Church itself. He was imprisoned for many years, converted many guards and Romans and even the household of an emperor, and was eventually put to death. He never met Jesus Christ when He was on earth but it is said that he knew Jesus as well as any of the 12 Apostles and better than some of them.
  • Conversion of the Apostle Paul

    Describes the role of Paul in the early Christian Church and the importance of his writings.

  • The Paul Page

    With the stated mission of promoting better understanding of Paul and the early church and building common ground between Catholics and Protestants, this site contains numerous articles about Paul, his epistles, and his perspectives.

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