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Born in Antioch, this Greek physician was the author of the Gospel of Luke as well as the Acts of the Apostles. He was one of The Seventy. A late apostle, he followed Paul until Paul was martyred.
  • The Atonement in Lucan Theology in Recent Discussion

    Presents a study of Luke's concept of atonement in his gospel and in Acts.

  • Genetic Characterization of the Body Attributed to the Evangelist Luke

    Presents a discussion about whether or not there is biological evidence to support the tradition that Luke died in Greece, and his body was then moved to Constantinople and then to Padua, Italy.

  • Luke and Josephus

    Details the arguments for and against the hypotheses that Josephus used Luke, or that Luke used Josephus, or that they both used some common but now lost source to write their histories.

  • Saint Luke

    Outlines the archeological and historical accuracy of Luke's writings, and the fact that some of the evidence that he knew what he was talking about have been discovered only recently.

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