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Judas Iscariot, most famous for betraying Jesus to the Roman authorities, was one of the original twelve apostles and was the treasurer for the group. He fulfilled prophecy by betraying Christ for thirty pieces of silver. After the arrest, he was consumed with remorse and tried to return the silver, but when the high priest would not take the money back, Judas threw the money on the floor, and the priests and elders used the money to buy a potter's field, again fulfilling prophecy. He hanged himself in despair.
  • Death and Retribution: Medieval Visions of the End of Judas the Traitor

    Dissects the life and actions of Judas Iscariot, including both accounts of his death and how those accounts are reconciled.

  • Gospel Truth

    A rebuttal of the 2006 story by the National Geographic Society which announced that a 3rd century text had been discovered and translated, and that it said that Judas did not betray Jesus, but instead, Jesus asked Judas to hand him over to the authorities and that Judas went to heaven.

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