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Christian Performing Arts

  • Action House

    Introduces the history, vision, and accomplishments of Action House in its Christian ministry through the performing arts.

  • Charakter Ministry of the Arts

    Features live theatrical presentations, mime and drama training, classes, workshops, and seminars with a touch of Christian piety.

  • Chistian Creative Arts Association (CCAA)

    Describes the CCAA community, presents literary and art resources, and features relevant news and articles.

  • Christian and Company Entertainment

    Offers an online shop for Christianity and Christian worship related items. Products sold include holiday and birthday essentials and accessories.

  • Christian Jugglers Association

    Information on membership, ministries, and the performers of the Christian Jugglers Association are presented herein.

  • The Christian Performing Artists' Fellowship

    Provides Bible study notes, Sunday worship series, and opportunities for prayer groups.

  • Clown Ministry

    Details of the Christianity-dedicated clown ministry. With information on clowning, historical accounts, articles, and skits.

  • David Shelton

    Information about the ministries of David Shelton, a singer, actor, and mime. With biography, testimonies, and album reviews.

  • Divine Arts Ministry

    Presents ministry missions, activities, and service times. With TV program shedules.

  • Eliab Creative Outreach Ministry

    Showcases the puppet Eliab to bring about Christian ministry. Features stories, songs, chants, poems, and puppet resources.

  • Juggler for Jesus

    Introduces the credentials and Christian ministry of David Cain. Includes photos, belief statement, videos, and testimonials.

  • Kingdom Life School of Performing Arts

    Offers dance, music, drama, martial arts, and fitness activities as forms of Christian ministry. See the picture gallery presented.

  • Life Isn't Only Now (LION) Players

    Get to know the dancers, musicians, and stage actors behind the performances of the LION Players. See the photos. Go over the bulletins.

  • Overcomers Team Ministry (OTM)

    Overview of OTM's ministries that make use of creative arts and multimedia. With photos, resources, and links to related pages.

  • Reaching the Children

    Home of Hartford's Vacation Bible School and Children's Performers. Presents camp programs, singing telegrams, and birthday party services.

  • Rosebud School of the Arts

    Avail of the programs and other ministerial offers of Rosebud's faith-based theatre school. See the application details, mentorship and internship information, and activity schedules.

  • Salt and Light Ministries

    Portal to drama, crative arts, and "dowel rods" resources. Includes various products for youth groups, ministry teams, and children's programming.

  • The Writings of David S. Lampel

    Allows for script search, offers downloadable literature resources, and accommodates script or other Christian writing contributions.

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