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Personal Pages of Christian Poetry

  • Anthology of Spiritual Poems

    Spiritual illustrations and essays are presented along with the poems of Bill Pearce.

  • Assorted Thoughts

    Contains writings, devotionals, poems, photos, and news.

  • The Breaking Room

    Post Christian literature, discuss ideas on creative writing with a touch of Christian piety, and examine the poems of David Crow.

  • Christian Muse

    Contains Christian poems, prophecies, devotionals, teachings, commentaries, prayer requests, photos, and blogs.

  • Christian Poetry and Sermons

    Campaign for a more motivated faith in Jesus Christ through poems and sermons. Presentation by Matthew G. Guy.

  • Enchanted Mountains Poems and Cards

    Presents the works of B.G. Wetherby, known as "The Working Man's Poet." With poems and cards for occasions, jokes, and quoted wisdom.

  • Encouraging Words

    Offers uplifting verses, inspirational poems, and encouraging stories.

  • Evangelical Poetry

    Features inspirational articles and poems on various religious topics such as fellowship and relationship.

  • Fruit of My Spirit

    Poetry for the soul by an African-American woman based in Chicago. Supports other ministries for spiritual healing.

  • Gem Ministry

    Salvation, love, faith, hope, and peace are the themes of the featured poems in this presentation.

  • God Shakes the Darkness

    Leslie Johnson affirms the steadfast guidance and care of God with her poems and short stories in this presentation. Photographs also featured.

  • Heavenly Poetry

    Read Joan Clifton Costner's poems while listening to relaxing music.

  • Heavens Inspiration

    Presents Christian poetry for special occasions. Also includes devotionals.

  • Heroes of the Heart

    Features the poetry pieces of Sharon Frye. With a search tool for a more convenient content navigation.

  • Homeward Bound

    "Miss Joyce" presents her poems of praise and worship in this site.

  • Inspirational Poetry from Doug's World

    Get to know Doug Lang and his poetic works. Visit his card shop, games room, and photo album section.

  • Judy's List of Pages

    Large collection of evangelical Christian poems, articles, and stories. Covers a wide range of subjects.

  • Love Poems from the Heart

    Poetry of Bill Charlton with downloadable audio versions.

  • Martha's Moments with the Master

    Contains poems that present a ligther side of Christian worship. Includes songs of praise.

  • My Place

    Learn about the "Texas Cowboy Warrior Poet," Jim Fish. Go over his collection of works.

  • Poetic Pen

    Stories and poems from various fields and subjects glorify Christ and His divine providence. Presentation by Marlene Bergman.

  • Psalms of Life

    Inspirational Christian poetry by John Hammersley.

  • Rejoice He Lives

    Presents inspirational and uplifting Christian verses by Stanley C. Leonberg, M.D.

  • Revival of Love

    Sonnets of worship and other poems of life, love, and the Lord. Features poetic pieces on friendship, courtship, and romance.

  • Searching for Truth

    Go over the poems, writings, and song lyrics of Juneious A. Knotts III. Visit the featured links to other Christian poetry sites as well.

  • Singer's Page for Spiritual and Timeless Poetry

    Features jokes, sayings, a chat room. Designed to uplift and inspire.

  • Thru His Eyes

    Contains poems, allegories, stories, and reflections.

  • Vincent Dayknell

    Online publication of the poetry works of Daniel V. Davis. With pictures and animated graphics.

  • Words from Above

    Poetry for different occasions, life situations, and Christian worship.

  • Words of Life and Hope

    Presents thoughts and ideas to ponder and features the poetry of a certain Christine from Tasmania.

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