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Warnings Against Heresy

  • The Berean Call

    Profiles the guiding philosophies of The Berean Call group. Presents its endeavors to expose heresies and apostasy.

  • Christian Apologetic Articles

    View Compass Distributors' collection of discussions on the message of the Holy Bible, salvation, faith, and repentance. Download booklets on Christian topics as well.

  • Christian Doctrine

    Explore Christianity and get in-depth discussions on the issues affecting it. Make this large collection of studies and commentaries a reference.

  • Christians Aware

    Information on false teaching. Cites the issues of fake Christian messages an naive subjection of some to the cults. Includes a newsletter.

  • Comprehensive Christian

    Discourses ther how's of finding a good church. Mentions false teachings, cults, and inspiring stories. A Bible dictionary is also provided.

  • Discernment

    Learn about the unnoticed evil of cursing among charismatics, the trend of charismania, stories on faith healers, televangelists, and spiritual abuse.

  • Earnestly Contend

    Adverts the false gospel created by the integration of pyshology principles with the teachings of the Bible.

  • Eastern Regional Watch

    Describes what is considered to be heresies and false teachings in the present practice and the propagation of Christianity. Cites examples and discussions therewith.

  • Gospel Focus

    Information on the various ministries and churches that associate themselves with groups that are considered enemical to the Gospel.

  • Grace and Truth Ministries

    Offers free materials for reproduction, in an effort to call back Christians who have withdrawn from the faith.

  • Life

    Journal of the Southern Baptist Convention. Presents the Weigh Down Heresy. Back issues of the Life journal can also be viewed.

  • Midwest Outreach

    Information on the counter-cult activities and services of the Midwest Christian Outreach. Includes a number of multimedia resources.

  • No Compromise

    Read articles on deception in the Church and learn about the dubious doctrines of Finis Drake. Shop for books and get Christian music at a discount.

  • Prophetic Deception

    Provides articles, prophetic games, and other resources. Presents thoughts on the actions and teachings of the "modern" prophets.

  • True Christianity

    Learn to distinguish true Christianity from false doctrines, read a detailed summary of Bible prophecies, and go over comments about the Christianity and this site.

  • Truth Watch

    Has articles that discuss true Christianhood, answer critics' questions, give out reviews, details the stewardship protocol, and present other Christianity-related issues.

  • Watch Unto Prayer

    Articles and reviews on Bible prophecy, the one-world Religion, the New World Order, and ministry watch present the destructive movement of apostasy into the Christian church.

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