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Sites listed in this category are those which address the issue of counter-cult efforts, which is the attempt to convert people from cults or heretical sects and splinter religions as viewed from the Christian perspective.
  • The "Christian" Identity Organization

    Sullies the beliefs and practices of the Christian Identity Organization. Warns people from associating with it: presenting the organization's (accordingly) false gospel and doctrines.

  • A Christian Review of Bad Religions and Beliefs

    Attacks other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and the Church of Latter Day Saints. Also presents articles and newspaper clips skeptical to the wide variety of religions.

  • Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

    Presents webcast of Christian TV and radio programs, articles, daily devotionals, books and tapes, and video clips. Also provides resources and articles on apologetics, practical Christianity, Islam, prophecy, and various other related topics.

  • Apologetics Index

    Resource for apologetic research on cults, sects, religions and doctrines. Also presents anti-cult and contercult organizations.

  • Cephas Ministtry Library

    Presents various resources that include articles, blogs, graphics, and a forum with the central theme of keeping the Christian faith while rejecting the influence of cults.

  • Contender Ministries

    Contains apologetics articles on false religion, humanism, evolution, and tracts. Presents blogs on related news as well.

  • Dialog Center

    Presents information on the reliion and new religious movements. Also has articles from the Center's magaizine publication.

  • Gwen Shaw and the End-Time Handmaidens and Servants

    Mark Scheiderer cites the reasons why he considers Gwen Shaw and the End-Time Handmaidens a cult in this plain text presentation.

  • Let Us Reason Ministries

    Directory of articles presenting various apologetic and Christian articles. Lists and discusses cults (which include some of the established religions) as well.

  • MacGregor Ministries

    Serves as an outreach to believers who are involved in cults. Includes articles about Jehovah's Witness, Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists, and other religious groups.

  • Mason's Opinions on Cults and Religious Abuse

    Has poetry, doctrines, facts and miscellaneous items, personal stories, leters, and jokes to present Robert and Wanda Mason's view on cults and religious abuse.

  • Now Think

    Discusses doctrinal problems and the various issues facing the church. Also has articles on alternative religions.

  • Personal Freedom Outreach

    Presentation detailing efforts on maintaining the Christian faith by exposing the dangers and dissident doctrines of cults.

  • Religion Analysis Service

    Presents publications about cults, religion, and theology. Also discusses contemporary and classic social issues. Has a review of some related videos.

  • Revival Centres Information

    Opposition to the teachings and practices of the Revival Center groups. Also serves as a support for those who have been former members of Revival centers.

  • Spiritual Abuse

    Presents an article on deceptive gay ministry, discusses various issues in the Christian religion, and enumrates Christian organization concerned with apologetics.

  • Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources

    Contains a library of articles from various authors and contributors, Bible study notes, audio tapes, and recommended readings.

  • Spotlight Ministries

    Discussions on theology, religious groups, occultism, the New Age, ethics, apologetics, and sub-cultures. Presents related news as well.

  • Watchman Fellowship

    Contains articles on cults, occults, Mormonism, scientology, New Age, and other religious topics.

  • World Revival Prayer Felloowship

    Includes articles on the personality of Jesus, the cult of Prajapati, the Mukti Mission, and ecuminism. Also has article that adduces the dangers of (the story of) Harry Potter.

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