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Christianity Apologetics


Compiles a number of essays, quotes, and resources. Has a FAQ section as well.

An Answer

Site organized by the Scofield Graduate School and Theological Seminary. Serves proofs to justify Biblical claims.

Answers in Action

Contains articles on atheism, Bible, cults and religions, theology, and many other topics. Has book reviews and links to various resources as well.

Answers in Genesis

Ministry which focuses on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis.

Apologetics Information Ministry

Provides live broadcast of Craig Hawkins' teachings and resources that include outlines, papers, and bibliographies.

Apologetics Press

Presents article reprints, audio resources, Bible bullets, document dissections, defense papers, e-books, and many other resources that back the Christian faith.

Contains Christian apologetics that aim to tackle questions about evolution and creation, the reliability of scripture, and historical evidences for the Bible.

The Apologia Project

Has an article index, video library, glossary, weblog, and library of links. Also accommodates inquiries on various Christian issues.

Atlanta Apologist

Presents Scientific articles, article downloads on various Biblical subjects, and answers to the most common questions being raised upon the Bible.

Bede's Library

Features the Bede's Journal which contains the ruminations of a Christian intellectual.

Berean Publishers

Features books, presents articles, cites important issues, and collects articles that are considered to be deceptions in the Church.

Branch of David

Proclaims the doctrines of Christ. Presents monthly featured teachings. Also devotes a section on the refutation of false teachers.

Casey's Critical Thinking

Promoting the decisive contemplation on contemporary issues facing the Christian religion. Features articles and links.

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Compiles articles on conjectural apologetics, excerpts from the Bible, Calvinism, and politics. Also hosts a theological discussion and an online bookstore.

Changed by Grace Outreach

Presents information on the Outreach Group's foundational truths, pools in several articles, and maintains a gallery of music and sermons.

Christian Answers

Discussions that answer questions about life, religion, creation, perspectives, and present-day issues. With movie, television, and game reviews.

Christian Apologetic

Poses the question of the truthfulness of Christianity. Has a Theology Corner that answers the typical questions about the Christian religion.

Christian Apologetics

Features an audio presentation of the Da Vinci Code. Presents a numer of articles. Also archives past teaching topics with audio streaming.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Site geared to equip Christians in the truth and to answer opposition to the Christian faith.

Christian CADRE

Website of the Christian Colligation of Apologetics Debate Research and Evangelism. Has a page that answers the criticism of Christianity skeptics.

The Christian Defense

Facilitates a discussion forum. Presents statistics, a knowledge base, and a Christian search tool.

Christian Thinktank

Explains, presents, elaborates, and justifies the Christian faith in a large collection of articles.

Clarifying Christianity

Offers a simple presentation and explanation of Christianity and the Bible.

Come Reason Ministries

Provides answers to questions, presents a number of articles supporting the Christian religion, and provides information about the Come Reason Ministries.

Earth Harvest

Has sections about the existence of God, witchcraft, yoga, God's love and wrath, astrology, evolution. Viewable in various language versions.


Encourages Christians in their faith with a number of carefully-researched information and rational answers.

Fill the Void

Articles on various Christian issues help justify the Christian faith while media and the discussions on related issues offer an engaging probing. Free graphics, games, and e-books are also available.

Focus on the Faulty

Site of the Religious Research Project. Provides articles, audio tapes, and links to other resources.

For an Answer

Know how a ministry was created to bear the particular emphasis on defending the Christian faith. Go over the section on creeds and confessions. See information on the services and activities.

Give Me an Answer

Presents the typical issues of Christianity. Accommodates questions. Also hosts a discussion forum.

God and Science

Explore scientific evidences that justify the existence of Jesus Christ. Go over slideshows, answers, and discussions.

God's Truth

Presents evidences on God's existence, refutes Islam, gives out Bible trivia, shares personal testimonies, and offers Bible tools.

Gospel Outreach Ministries

Proffers Bible study resources, articles on the doctrines of Grace, devotional essays, and articles about Christianity.

Heaven Net

Contains testimonies, writings, prophecies, and Bible study tools as well as a forum.

Institute for Religious Research

Collects resources for probing into the various religious claims at present. Includes book reviews and information on the Bible courses being offered at the Institute.

Leadership University

Presents articles defending the Christian doctrines and other related issues.

Mars Hill

Group of people aims to live out the way of Jesus together to promote hope and justice through poverty alleviation, community development, and youth empowerment.

On Bible Truth

Presents rudiments of music, hymns, and poems.

On Doctrine

Has writings on Theology, a Q and A forum, dialogues on various points of view, and a theological dictionary.

Paraclete Press Research Institute

Details the research, communication, and ministry of the Institute.

Rational Christianity

Offers simple and introductory discussions on Christianity and apologetics. Provides answers to common questions and presents resolved Bible contradictions.

Savior Quest

Has a collection of articles and commentaries pooled in from various online resources and contributions. Also has recommended books and links.

Shandon L. Guthrie

Presents messages and articles on atheism and theological and ethical issues. Has audio files as well as links to various resources.

Stand to Reason

Commentaries and quick thoughts are the resources for discussions and presentations on apologetics, bio-ethics, Christianity, and culture.

Storm Tight

View a flash presentation on apostasy, read essays on Christian beliefs and ideas, go over testimonies of faith, and see an article about complainers.

Sword and Spirit

Presents a library of resources, list and details of workshops, and information about the people.

Teen Apologetics

Cites the inconsistencies of the Bible and provides explanations for them. Also provides a discussion on the general problems confronting Christianity.

Tekton Apologetics Ministries

Has sections featuring an apologetic encyclopedia, book reviews, challenge to critics, and an exclusive web space for debate.

The Thinking Christian

Elaborates on the Gospel, presents evidences of the Gospel accounts, and offers apologetics resources.


Highlights a challenge to cults, the End Times according to the Bible, and a collection of apologetics.

Unapologetic Apologetics

Venture into this unique way of defending the Christian doctrines. Bible basics, false doctrines, and a discussion that Heaven is not for good people are presented.

Veritas Ministries

Offers resources and books, bi-ethics posistion statements, and an archive of apologetic articles.

Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet

Information on the apologetic-grounded services and activities of Walter Martin, centering on countering the cults. Has teaching messages in audio streaming.

Web Witness

Presents rigorous and multi-faceted apologetics on the significant issues of Christianity. Also contains sermon audios and action kits.

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