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Buddhist Organizations

Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA)

Details about this Buddhist International NGO includes news articles and a list of Buddhism resources presented in both Chinese and English.

Buddhist Network

Online community of teachers and students who seek information about or teachers of Buddhism.

The Buddhist Society

Provides information on the society’s extensive library, catalog of books, and several other resources.

Chan Center

Maintains a repository of reading materials pertinent to learning the principles of Chan Buddhism.

The Dalai Lama Foundation

Provides a venue for study circles, question and answer forums, and discussions centered on ethics and peace.

Dharma Drum Mountain

Fosters the practice of the principles and methods of Chan Buddhism.

Dharma Mind.net

Answers the questions on the Dharma practice with its comprehensive archive. Also lists retreat schedules open to everyone interested.

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association

Provides a directory of centers worldwide. Also offers information on education, events, and history.

Diamond Way Buddhism

Represents the Diamond Way Buddhist centers and groups of the Karma Kagyu tradition worldwide. Features a search bar for locating Diamond Way centers.

The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO)

Communicates Buddhist truths through informative articles, the teachings of Buddha, and talks addressing the relationship of Buddhism to many subjects.

Heartland Sangha

Non-dualistic and pan-sectarian articles foster the original teachings of Gautama Buddha, Jodo Shinshu, and Zen Buddhism.


Reference to the Hümüh Buddhism practice offering free daily wisdom teaching, awareness classes, and multimedia instruction materials.

The Living Dharma

Answers the frequently asked questions about Buddhism and resolves the common misconceptions.

Metta Foundation

Nonsectarian foundation offers a guide to the practice of the Buddhist thought. Also lists activities, insight dialogues, and retreat schedules.

Mountains and Rivers Order

Organization of associated temples, practice centers, and sitting groups. Pictures and brief articles offer an informative presentation.

Northwest Dharma Association

Supporting the Buddhist communities in the northwest. Presents a directory of affiliated organizations and a list of activities.

Prison Dharma Network

Caters to the self-transformation and rehabilitation of prisoners. Develops Peacemaker training and leadership programs.

Ripa International Center

An International Buddhist community.

Shinnyo-en Foundation (SEF)

Buddhist-founded organization supports educational programs for young people. Go over the guidelines for educational grant awards.

Soka Gakkai International (SGI)

Page of the umbrella organization of Nichiren Buddhists showcasing the teachings and practice of their lineage. Offers several references and resources.

Soka Spirit

Presents Buddhist teachings and concepts in a new light. Includes monthly study and reference materials.

Tri-State Dharma

Buddhism expositions facilitate Sangha study and practice. Schedules of gatherings, retreats, and classes are posted.

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