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Buddhist Morality and Ethics

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This category is reserved for websites which address morality or ethics, which Buddhists refer to as sila.
  • Buddhism and Medical Ethics

    Bibliographic introduction to discussions on Buddhism and Medicine by James J. Hughes and Damien Keown.

  • Buddhism and Respect for Parents

    Compilation by Dr. Ron Epstein of San Francisco University. Contains various Buddhist articles from Buddhist and non-Buddhist authors.

  • Buddhist Morality

    Presents the Panda Shila, Paramita, Brahma Vihara, and the Sigalovada Sutta; elaborating some of the bases of Buddhist morality.

  • The Golden Rules of Buddhism

    Compilation by H.S. Olcott. Presents the edited and un-annotated version of the hard copy of The Golden Rules.

  • The Importance of Sila

    Essay discussing the Buddhist virtue. Has sections on Buddhist ethics, the precepts, and some suttas.

  • The Meaning of Sin and Evil

    Bill Savoie's presentation of the Zen perspective of sin and evil. View comments and responses to the presentation and Savoie's replies to those comments.

  • Virtue

    Discusses the cornerstone of the entire Noble Eightfold Path and the other Buddhist doctrines. Consult the glossary bar for the meanings of unfamiliar Buddhist words used in the presentation.

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