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Lineages Zen

Beginner Zen

Guide for those who are new to yearning the wisdom of Zen. Also introduces Erik Stolie, his teachings, articles, and meditation sessions.


Site of the Zen Mountain Monastery. The Cybermonk answers questions relevant to Buddhism, the Zen discipline in particular.

Daily Zen

Put to everday life the teachings of Zen. Quotes, e-cards, posters, gifts, and articles may just be the way to do it.

Dark Zen

Know more of Zen in this presentation containing articles, questions and answers, legends and stories, commentaries, and free downloads.


Interactive presentation of the Zen discipline. Has an interesting slideshow prologue.

Zen and the Art of Diverbombing

Presents the "dark side of the Tao." Has illustrations and detailed discussions.

Zen and the Art of Not Knowing God

Cites the failure of Zen under the Kwan Um School to address the spiritual needs. By Stephen H. Short, a Christian.

Zen Buddhism

Collection of Buddhist texts including Zen sayings, poems, and meditations.

Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun

Virtual temple for the study of Zen. Contains prayers, Buddhist images, chants, sutras,and information about the clergy.

Zen Lineage of Deshimaru

Find out the teachings and practice of the Zen discipline at the Deshimaru lineage. Also has a section that answers inquiries about the Zen tradition.

Zen-Centre Tao Chan

Information and resources on learning contemporary Zen principles.

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