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This school of Buddhism is founded on the teachings that Amida Buddha taught in the West and in Japan.
  • Amida Buddha

    Depicts Honen Shonin’s teachings of the Jodo Shu Pure Land Buddhism.

  • Buddhist Churches of Canada

    Official site of the Buddhist Churches of Canada promoting the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha and the essentials of Shin Buddhism.

  • The Collected Works of Shinran

    Web version of Shinran’s consummate writings as translated by Dennis Hirota. Contains an introduction, glossaries, and reading aids.

  • Eiken Kobai Sensei

    Professor Kobai explains the True Teaching, Practice and Realization of the Pure Land Way, as taught first by Master Shinran, and then by Master Rennyo.

  • Pure Land

    Introduces the Pure Land discipline. Has a gallery of sutras, commentaries, and a guide to the practice methods.

  • Pure Land

    Know more about the key concepts, origins, vows, and the unified practice of Pure Land Buddhism.

  • Pure Land Buddhism Virtual Library

    Access resources that discuss the Jingtu, Jodo, and Shinshu.

  • Shin Buddhism

    Presents the whole of the three sutras of Pure Land Buddhism.

  • Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture

    Chapter by chapter presentations of the lessons of the Jodo Shinshu allow for the understanding of Shin Buddhism, in both historical and modern context.

  • Shin Dharma Net

    Shares information on the Shin and Pure Land Buddhist traditions as they are presently practiced in the West and in Japan.

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