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Pure Land and Shin

Amida Buddha

Depicts Honen Shonin’s teachings of the Jodo Shu Pure Land Buddhism.

Amitabha Pureland

Explore an engaging way to learning Buddhist wisdoms, Pure Land chants, and poetry with downloadable audio and presentation files.

Buddhist Churches of Canada

Official site of the Buddhist Churches of Canada promoting the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha and the essentials of Shin Buddhism.

The Collected Works of Shinran

Web version of Shinran’s consummate writings as translated by Dennis Hirota. Contains an introduction, glossaries, and reading aids.

Eiken Kobai Sensei

Professor Kobai explains the True Teaching, Practice and Realization of the Pure Land Way, as taught first by Master Shinran, and then by Master Rennyo.

Pure Land

Introduces the Pure Land discipline. Has a gallery of sutras, commentaries, and a guide to the practice methods.

Pure Land

Know more about the key concepts, origins, vows, and the unified practice of Pure Land Buddhism.

Pure Land Buddhism Virtual Library

Access resources that discuss the Jingtu, Jodo, and Shinshu.

Shin Buddhism

Presents the whole of the three sutras of Pure Land Buddhism.

Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture

Chapter by chapter presentations of the lessons of the Jodo Shinshu allow for the understanding of Shin Buddhism, in both historical and modern context.

Shin Dharma Net

Shares information on the Shin and Pure Land Buddhist traditions as they are presently practiced in the West and in Japan.

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