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The sites in this category are about the Japanese Buddhist, Nichiren, and his teachings and the sects which espouse those teachings.
  • Everlife Foundation

    Proffers observations and opinion on the art, symbols, cosmology, and doctrines commonly associated with Nichiren Buddhism.

  • Honkunji

    Contains narratives that create exemplifications to better understand the principles and teachings of Nichiren.

  • Honmon Butsuryu Shu

    Presents the teachings, guidelines, and sermons of the organization.

  • The Independent Site

    Non-sectarian approach to learning the teachings of Nichiren. Presents only undisputed writings on the Gosho.

  • Lotus Way

    Explore the texts and teachings of the Lotus Sutra as presented in English and Romanji. Learn the practice of Daimoko and Gongyo as well.

  • Nichiren Buddhist Association of America

    Presents an overview of the association, articles about Buddhism and religion, and poems submitted by members.

  • Nichiren Coffeehouse

    Contains excerpts from the major writings of Nichiren.

  • Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism

    Discusses Buddhism from an African-American viewpoint.

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