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Zen Centers and Groups

  • Albuquerque Zen Center

    Provides a compilation of Dharma talks, the Zendo etiquette, a glossary of Buddhist terms, and links to other Zen resources.

  • Bay Zen Center

    Information about the daily Zazen, daisan, sesshins,beginner instructions and introductory classes, lectures, and classes offered.

  • Bellingham Zen Practice Zen Group

    Details on the practice and activities of the Center. Also presents a newsletter.

  • Bodhi Sangha

    Details about the association of Zen Master AMA Samy's disciples. Includes texts on Zen and other related topics.

  • Community of Mindful Living

    Presents activity information, contact details, and pictures of the Community of Mindful Living. Also features the Mindfulness Bell Magazine, an art journal.

  • Dogen Sangha

    Information about the Buddhist based group based in Tokyo. Promotes the Zazen teachings of Gudo Nishijima.

  • Dogen Sangha Buddhist Group

    Offers introductory booklets on the practice of Zazen that come in five languages. Has a Nagaruna page that presents excerpts from the book Between Heaven and Earth.

  • Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock

    Practice and meditate according to the Theravada Nyingma Sakya, Zen Kwan Um Mindfulness, and the vipassana traditions. View the activity and events schedules.

  • Glasgow Zen Group

    Provides information about Zen and the Glasgow Center. Has materials that discuss Dogen and collective Buddhism.

  • Gold Buddha Monastery

    Presents a Dharma sections that contains talks by the Master Hsuan Hua, sutras, articles, and compilation of questions with answers.

  • Great Plains Zen Center

    Home of the Myoshinji Subtle Mind Temple. Offeres Zen training for beginners and experienced practitioners.

  • Haku-un-ji Zen Center

    Know some details about the Arizona Zen Center. Go over information about the teachers, retreat and meditation schedules, talks, products, and services.

  • High Mountain Crystal Lake Zen Community

    Embodies the authentic Zen tradition in the American spirit. Designed for people who are engaged in demanding wordly life relationships, career, and social service.

  • Mountain Moon Sangha

    Simple presentation of the Sangha's teacher and programs. Presents a guide to getting started with meditation in the Sangha.

  • Mountain Source Sangha

    View sangha reflections and engage in sitting meditation following the Soto Zen Buddhist teaching tradition.

  • Mt. Baldy Zen Center

    Know Rinzai-ji and understand the Zen practice. Go over the calendar of activities and read some news.

  • Mt. Equity

    Practice Dogen Zen and serene reflection in the Central school of the Soto Zen tradition.

  • Nebraska Zen Center

    Information about the Heartland Temple of Nebraska. Also presents Dharma talks, suggested readings, and calligraphy works.

  • One Drop Zendo

    Guide to the Zazen practice and activities at the Zendo Center. Has resources that include books, glossaries, and sutras.

  • Western Chan Fellowhip

    Dharma page contains talks, teachings, readings, and a New Chan Forum. Get to know the activities of the Center as well.

  • Zen Dust

    Information base of the Zen Community of Oregon. Features Zen works and jizos.

  • Zen Meditation

    Provides information and access to Zen Centre Tao Chan. Has a Chan shop that vends books, audios, and cards.

  • Zen Meditation Groups in the California Central Valley

    Information about the Empty Nest, Valley Heartland, and Fresno River Zen groups. Has a section containing records of the administered talks.

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