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Theravada Centers in North America

  • Abhayagiri

    Information base of Ajahns Chah and Sumedho’s residence community and the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. Offers lay programs under the Upasika order.

  • Bodhinyanarama

    Contains news, Buddhist articles, Dhamma talks and teachings, and information on other New Zealand based Buddhist groups.

  • Bodhisara Dharma Community

    Site of the non-profit Theravada organization in Western Massachusetts. Catalogs course and events details, news, and photos. Has an “Ask Mark” section that attends to inquiries about Buddhism.

  • Burmese Buddhist Association

    Access to the Theravada tradition for the Buddhists and non-Buddhists of Illinois. Provides organizational details, events schedules, and information about the resident monks.

  • Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada

    Caters to the spiritual needs of native Spanish speakers who seek the wisdom of Buddhism, the Theravada discipline in particular.

  • Deep Spring

    Programs and activities, collection of articles, and publications that share the objective of leading a life to greater wisdom, compassion, and loving-kindness.

  • Dhamma Mahavana

    View a copy of the Center’s Code of Discipline and take on a residential ten-day course. Enjoy the invigoration of vipassana meditation in the rustic area of North Fork, California.

  • Dhamma Vihara

    Guide to the Theravada Buddhist monastery of Mexico. Know the Center’s people, events, activities, and mission vision.

  • Dhamma Wheel Meditation Society

    Know how to act inside a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple. Learn details about monk Bhante Dhammawansha and some monk and temple etiquettes.

  • Dhammasala

    Contains news, event and activity details, photos, and articles about the Dhammasala Forest Monastery.

  • Dharma

    Hosts the information base of the Insight Meditation Society and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

  • Downtown New York Meditation Community

    Get into the practice of mindfulness in downtown Manhattan with classes, courses, and workshops led by Peter Doobinin.

  • Gainsville Vipassana Society

    Sponsors serious insight meditations and retreats. Teachings and talks given thereat are for free.

  • Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara

    Listen to Dhamma chanting, view the photo gallery, know the Center’s events and activities, or simply relax with Buddhist radio music.

  • Houston Buddhist Vihara

    Maintaining places of worship for propagating the concept of fellowship. Carries on the Theravada traditions of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia.


    Tour the center, Browse over course offers, find news and updates on activities and events, have vipassana meditation in Kaufman, Texas.

  • Insight Meditation Center

    Offers Buddhist activities for free. Broad range of activities includes dharma talks, group discussions, and yoga classes.

  • Insight Meditation Community of New Haven

    Offers regular vipassana-related classes and programs. Drop-in mindfulness sitting groups are the primary activity.

  • Moata

    Presents the Center’s programs, news, financial reports, and projects. Also offers a pictorial guide to the Center.

  • Mountain Stream Meditation Center

    Facilitates Buddhist meditation in the Northern California Sierra Foothills area. Offers retreats, meditation classes, and sitting group sessions. Has free audio downloads as well.

  • New York Insight Meditation Center

    Welcomes people who yearn the wisdom and peace of insight meditation. Particularly offers Kalyana Mitta for beginners in sitting meditation.

  • odhi Tree Dhamma Center

    Guide to Tampa Theravada Dhamma Center providing location details, contact information, and activity schedules.

  • Orlando Insight Meditation Group

    Comprehend and put to life the Buddhist teachings as a psychological remedy for physical and emotional pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. Learn the how’s here.

  • Prairie Sangha Network

    Pools out information about Prairie Sangha, Plank Trail Sangha, and Insight Chicago. Presents the teachings from the Monastics, the suttas, and the Tibetan tradition.

  • Rocky Mountain Insight

    Site of the Dhamma Dena of the Rockies. The meditations, retreats, and Buddhist programs offered are grounded on the basics of the four noble truths, eightfold path, and specialization in silence.

  • Sae Taw Win II

    Understand the principles of Dana, Metta, Bhavana, and Panna in the Theravada perspective. Explore the question and answer section that elaborates on the Dharma.

  • Seattle Insight Meditation Society

    Includes a variety of dharma articles and resources, audio streams of classes and talks, sangha forums, and a library of e-books and publications.

  • Sitagu Buddhist Vihara

    Site of the Theravada Buddhist Community of Austin, Texas. Provides a center for meditation and Dhamma Study in the traditional monastic context.

  • Skillful Meditation Project

    Venture into Recollective Awareness Meditation through sitting groups, seminars and lectures, retreats, and the sharing of instructional materials. Check out the internal links to project details and view the gallery of Japanese paintings.

  • Staten Island Buddhist Vihara

    Presents notices and messages for regular members. The program and activity details, dhamma quotes, and a photo gallery meanwhile invite for new frequenters.

  • Vipassana Metta Foundation

    Based in Maui, the traditional practices of generosity, moral conduct, concentration, insight, and loving-kindness make up the foundation of the Vipassana Metta Foundation discipline.

  • Wat Khmer

    Get to know the San Jose Cambodian Buddhist Society. The organization dedicates efforts to preserving and transmitting the wisdom of the dharma and other Buddhist heritage to the Khmer people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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