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Buddhist Beliefs and Practices

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This area is dedicated to sites which address the practices and beliefs of those who practice the Buddhist religion, including the Four Noble Truths, the Dhammapada, and the various teachings of the faith.
  • Access to Insight

    Collates several readings about Theravada Buddhism. Includes an outline of the Pali Canon.

  • Buddha Web

    Presents the principles of Buddhism including the aggregates, fetters, boundless states, and the perfections.

  • Buddhism in Brazil

    Catalogs information, articles, and resources for the learning and practice of Buddhism in Brazil.

  • Buddhist Ceremonies

    Features many of Buddhism’s festivals and special occasions including ceremonies for marriage and funerals. Includes an activity calendar, texts, and audio files for download.

  • Forest Meditation

    Pali chants by Thai monks in audio and text format.

  • Fundamental Buddhism

    Discussion of Buddha’s teachings and instructions according to the Pali Canon.

  • Many Lives.com

    Features the Jivamala, the practice of purification in preparation to reincarnation.

  • Mountainman.com

    Chapter by chapter accounts of the life and teachings of Buddha, from birth to Nirvana.

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