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Sites and pages in this category offer information about Wicca, a religion founded in the mid-20th century and influenced by pre-Christian beliefs.
  • Celtic Connection

    Comprehensive Wicca and Pagan site with articles, discussion forums, selected texts, and advice. http://wicca.com/celtic/facebooklink.htm

  • Church and School of Wicca

    Furnishes information on basic tenets, definition, history, founders, becoming a student, library, and thought for the month.

  • Controverscial.Com

    Personal site explores Wicca and witchcraft, traditional writings, traditions, sabbats, tools, sacred sites, and wisdom.

  • Covenant of the Goddess

    International group of co-operating wiccan covens and solitary wiccans. Includes articles, local reports and background information on the practice and philosophy of wicca. https://www.facebook.com/covenantofthegoddess cogtweet

  • Doreen Valiente Foundation

    A charitable organization in tribute to Doreen Valiente, an influential English Wiccan. Provides information on projects, events, archives, and a newsletter. http://www.facebook.com/doreenvalientefoundation witchjuan http://www.linkedin.com/company/doreen-valiente-foundation

  • Gerald Gardner

    Presents extensive articles and biographical information on Gerald Gardner, widely regarded as the father of modern wicca.

  • The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft

    Offers Wiccan resources, including rituals, spells, and divination.

  • Religious Tolerance: Wicca

    Examines the history of wicca, modern day practices and prejudice/discrimination against wiccans by institutions and other faiths.

  • Wicca Spirituality

    Shares information on beginning, beliefs, books, magick, holidays, ritual, practices, and divination.

  • Wicca Witchcraft

    Christian ministry dedicated to exposing the perils of the Wiccan religion.

  • Wiccan Interfaith Council International

    Promotes a greater understanding of wicca through interfaith and community events. Includes information on membership. wiciorg

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