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Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism is a polytheistic animistic movement which attempts to revive the pre-Christian Celtic faiths.
  • The Ancient Keltic Church

    The Ancient Keltic Church is a religious organization dedicated to the revival of the Pagan mystery faith of the ancient Celtic peoples.

  • Caer Glas

    Caer Glas is a Circle hived from the Ancient Keltic Church, based in Tujunga.

  • Celtic Connection

    Newspaper based in Vancouver, features a strong focus on Celtic community events through arts and cultural interviews and reviews.

  • Celtic Tale

    Explains the connection between Colorado and the Celts. They offer courses on Celtic Lore.

  • Hearthside Haven

    Pagan coven following a Norse/Celtic (Druid)/Eclectic tradition.


    Organization promoting the spiritual path of Senistrognata, the ancestral customs of the Celtic peoples.

  • Moonstone

    Web site dealing with Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, Celtic Traditionalism and Gaelic Traditionalism.

  • Ogmios Project

    Learners' association dedicated to helping Pagans learn Celtic languages.

  • Paganachd

    Presents an introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism.

  • School of Celtic Studies

    Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies on Celtic culture.

  • The Temple of Danann

    Non-profit Organization whose is to reclaim the spiritual birthright of their Irish ancestors.

  • Túath na Ciarraide: The Ciarraí People

    Túath na Ciarraide, part of the Gaelic Traditionalism movement, shares the ancestral ways, faith, projects, and research.

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