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Celtic Reconstructionism

The Ancient Keltic Church

The Ancient Keltic Church is a religious organization dedicated to the revival of the Pagan mystery faith of the ancient Celtic peoples.

Caer Glas

Caer Glas is a Circle hived from the Ancient Keltic Church, based in Tujunga.

Celtic Connection

Newspaper based in Vancouver, features a strong focus on Celtic community events through arts and cultural interviews and reviews.

Celtic Tale

Explains the connection between Colorado and the Celts. They offer courses on Celtic Lore.

Hearthside Haven

Pagan coven following a Norse/Celtic (Druid)/Eclectic tradition.


Organization promoting the spiritual path of Senistrognata, the ancestral customs of the Celtic peoples.


Web site dealing with Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, Celtic Traditionalism and Gaelic Traditionalism.

Ogmios Project

Learners' association dedicated to helping Pagans learn Celtic languages.


Presents an introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism.

School of Celtic Studies

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies on Celtic culture.

Túath na Ciarraide: The Ciarraí People

Túath na Ciarraide, part of the Gaelic Traditionalism movement, shares the ancestral ways, faith, projects, and research.

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