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The Ásatrú Alliance

Association of practitioners of the Asatru religion. Includes information about the origins and practice of this religion.

Asatru Folk Assembly

Dedicated to gather practitioners from around the World. Features articles and an online store.

Asatru Links

Directory of Asatru related links.

Asatru Lore

Asatru portal and community forum.


The Icelandic Asatru Society.

The Federation of Vinland Freeholds

Organization dedicated to recovering the ways and beliefs of their ancestors.

Irminsul Ættir

A cooperative effort by members of the Ættir as a service to the Ásatrú community and the general public.

Miercinga Ríce

A group dedicated to the study, revival, and practice of Asatru.

Nordic Magic Healing

Web site presents documents related to the runes and Nordic mythology.

Northvegr Foundation

Non-profit educational Asatru/Norse foundation.

Reginheim forum

Asatru discussion forum.

Rune Gild

Web site for Rune Guild, school of esoteric knowledge based on the Odian system of the Runes.


Online Temple of the god Thor.


Includes Norse myths and legends and a discussion forum.

The Troth

Asatru organization. They publish a quarterly journal, Idunna.

The Viking Answer Lady

Web site features questions and answers on Viking culture, by the Viking Answer Lady.

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