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Asatru, known as Heathenism, Odism, or Germanic neopaganism, is the revival of the old Germanic paganism.
  • The Ásatrú Alliance

    Association of practitioners of the Asatru religion. Includes information about the origins and practice of this religion.

  • Asatru Folk Assembly

    Dedicated to gather practitioners from around the World. Features articles and an online store.

  • Asatru Links

    Directory of Asatru related links.

  • Asatru Lore

    Asatru portal and community forum.

  • Asatru Page

    Web site features a collection of links ostly concerning or related to Asatru.

  • Asatruarfelagid

    The Icelandic Asatru Society.

  • The Federation of Vinland Freeholds

    Organization dedicated to recovering the ways and beliefs of their ancestors.

  • Irminsul Ættir

    A cooperative effort by members of the Ættir as a service to the Ásatrú community and the general public.

  • Nordic Magic Healing

    Web site presents documents related to the runes and Nordic mythology.

  • Northvegr Foundation

    Non-profit educational Asatru/Norse foundation.

  • Rune Gild

    Web site for Rune Guild, school of esoteric knowledge based on the Odian system of the Runes.

  • Thor's Hearth

    West yorkshire hearth of the Odinist Fellowship.


    Online Temple of the god Thor.

  • Tjatsi

    Includes Norse myths and legends and a discussion forum.

  • The Troth

    Asatru organization. They publish a quarterly journal, Idunna.

  • The Viking Answer Lady

    Web site features questions and answers on Viking culture, by the Viking Answer Lady.

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