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Magic in Religion

  • Biblioteca Arcana

    Portrays magick history and theories, rituals, divinations, hymns and poetry.

  • The Book of THOTH

    Shows information about mysticism, magick and the tarot combine, also the mystery of Egypt and the magick of Crowley.

  • Ceremonial Magick

    Delivers points on Thelemic and Golden Dawn rituals, banishing and invoking pentagram, and classics of Magick.

  • Initiate of the Mysteries

    A collection of the written and ritual work of Sam Webster, M.Div. on the concept of Magick and its practice.

  • Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

    Offers information on ancient Egyptian magick, religion, philosophy; interpreted and adapted for the modern esoteric.

  • Quantum Magic

    Discusses reality from the perspective of quantum mechanics, using a point of view that probability waves overlap and continue forever.

  • Spiral Nature

    Provides details about articles and thoughts about magick, philosophy, spiritualy, and dark magick.

  • Sword Magick

    Studies magick through symbolism, sword magick, and the science of magick.

  • Symbolic Healing in Hungarian Ethnomedicine

    Describes rituals involved in curing illness believed to be caused by magic. Includes examples and references.

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