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Magick differentiates the occult from stage magic. It is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, including both mundane acts of will and ritual magic.
  • Biblioteca Arcana

    Portrays magick history and theories, rituals, divinations, hymns and poetry.

  • The Book of THOTH

    Shows information about mysticism, magick and the tarot combine, also the mystery of Egypt and the magick of Crowley.

  • Ceremonial Magick

    Delivers points on Thelemic and Golden Dawn rituals, banishing and invoking pentagram, and classics of Magick.

  • Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

    Offers information on ancient Egyptian magick, religion, philosophy; interpreted and adapted for the modern esoteric.

  • Quantum Magic

    Discusses reality from the perspective of quantum mechanics, using a point of view that probability waves overlap and continue forever.

  • Sacred Magick Forum

    Maintains magick message boards and discussions, astral forums, and esoteric community such as pseudoscience.

  • Spiral Nature

    Provides details about articles and thoughts about magick, philosophy, spiritualy, and dark magick.

  • Sword Magick

    Studies magick through symbolism, sword magick, and the science of magick.

  • Symbolic Healing in Hungarian Ethnomedicine

    Describes rituals involved in curing illness believed to be caused by magic. Includes examples and references.

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