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Socialism Organizations

Australian Egalitarian Movement (AEM)

Organization representing an endeavor to create a new culture that fosters social and economic equality, anti-elitism, and anti-capitalism.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Revolutionary socialist and Marxist-Leninist organization actively involved in justice advocacy, student movements, and anti-war and anti-imperialist initiatives.

International Bureau for the Revolutionary

Highlights viewable documents with group overview.

International Communist League

View documents from the league with its periodicals and directory. Has events list.

International Socialists - Canada

Component of a network of revolutionary socialist organizations committed to addressing problems of oppression, war, exploitation, and environmental destruction caused by capitalism.

Irish Republican Socialist Movement

Educates, organizes, and mobilizes fellow workers towards the goal of removing the Northern colonial and Southern neo-colonial "statelets" of Ireland.

Jewish Socialists' Group

Political organization committed to advocating for Jewish rights and promoting a socialist society.

Kenya Socialist Web Site

Homepage published by the Kenya Socialist Democratic Alliance (KSDA). Presents news, analysis, mailing list, stories, and other pertinent information.

Socialist Democracy

Organization working for a society that is based on common ownership and resource control, one that has no class divisions.

Socialist International

Lists out members of the organization with information about its principles and statuses.

Website of the Committee for A Workers' International (CWI), a campaigning socialist organization working for a democratic socialist society. Presents news, analysis, publications. contact information, and related links.

Workers' Liberty

Socialist revolution advocating organization working for workers' struggles and consistent democracy.

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