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Libertarianism Organizations

  • Association of Libertarian Feminists (ALF)

    Organization created to encourage women to become economically self-sufficient, promote realistic attitudes toward female competence and potential, and to oppose sexual discrimination based rights abridgment.

  • Australian Libertarian Society (ALS)

    Nonprofit organization committed to promoting the principles of individual liberty, free markets, and small government.

  • Cato Institute

    Institution provides publications, information on events, research, current news, and merchandise.

  • Free State Project

    Organization dedicated to moving 20,000 people to the state of New Hampshire to create a society with limited government involvement.

  • Institute for Humane Studies

    Organization that assists undergraduate and graduate students worldwide with an interest in individual liberty.

  • Libertarian Alliance

    Independent, nonpartisan UK group committed to a free society. Aims to fight statism and engage in long range propaganda for the Libertarian alternative.

  • Libertarian Futurist Society

    Society created to recognize and promote libertarian science fiction through a series of awards and publications.

  • Libertarian International

    Alliance of liberty-minded individuals and organizations. Aims to coordinate various initiatives that defend individual liberty throughout the world.

  • Libertarian International Organization

    Nonpartisan network of libertarian and rights activists around the world. Provides information and tools, monitors, and represents libertarian interests and initiatives in the international arena.

  • Liberty Network (LINE)

    Aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of the ideas vital to economic and personal liberty. With a calendar of activities, conference schedule, and mailing lists.

  • The Mont Pelerin Society

    Organization composed of historians, scholars, economists, philosophers, government officials, journalists, financial experts, and others concerned with the state and possible fate of liberalism.

  • National Libertarian Party

    Official site provides information on programs, activities, press center, articles, commentary, policies, and merchandise.

  • Outright Libertarians

    Association of Libertarian Party activists and supporters who identify themselves with the LGBTQ community. Site presents news and views, contact details, and information on membership and events.

  • Republican Liberty Caucus

    Activist-run organization created to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise within the Republican Party.

  • Society for Individual Freedom

    Site presents the society's beliefs, structure, membership, contacts, and associate organizations.

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