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Computational Epistemology Lab

University of Waterloo facility for research into cognitive science and related areas of philosophy.


Defines knowledge, justification, structures, limits, and issues. Examines internalism and externalism, perception, reason, and memory.

Epistemology at Edinburgh

Provides information on the University of Edinburgh research group, including issues, reading groups, conferences, and workshops.

The Epistemology Research Guide

Collection of resources for those involved in contemporary analytic epistemology. Includes links to professional papers and a subject index.

Importance of Philosophy: Epistemology

Features definition, basics, and specifics, including knowledge, reason, logic, deduction, values, certainty, evasion, and perception.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Epistemology

Peer-reviewed resource discusses kinds of knowledge, belief, truth, justification, sources of knowledge, and skepticism.

The Journal of Social Epistemology

Publication offering articles dealing with the social dimensions of knowledge from the perspective of philosophical epistemology and related social sciences.


International philosophical journal of epistemology. Publishes articles, notes and discussions, bibliographical reviews, and critical studies.

Principia Cybernetica: Epistemology

Examines models of reality, knowledge, constructivism, and meta-cognitive modeling.

Teaching Theory of Knowledge

Publication from the Council for Philosophical Studies covers teaching sources, first and bridge courses, and innovations.

Theory of Knowledge

Information about epistemic justification, basic beliefs, coherentism, and reliabilism.

Yale University: The Epistemology Page

Includes links to basic information, courses with online syllabi, graduate programs, and information on epistemologists.

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