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Homeless Organizations


Non-profit agency working to help the over 6,000 homeless students living in Clark County. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Awakenings/235270763158260

Back on my Feet

Promotes self-sufficiency of the homeless by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. Includes details about the program, chapter locations and support opportunities.

Barrett Foundation

Highlights an organization that aids homeless women and children based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bean’s Café

Provides list of services, event schedules, and profile of the organization.

Bethlehem House

Contains announcements, success stories, updated news, and pictures of the shelter.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

View profile of the homeless shelter, its services, event lists, and other aid programs.

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency

Promotes aid for the poor and homeless with open house dates, donation guidelines, and newsletters.

Care of Poor People

Describes the site with history profile of the shelter, events, news updates, and donation methods.

Casa de los Niños

Provides aid for children with its programs, services, and donations.

Central Arizona Shelter Services

Pools in list of services of the shelter, its employment programs, and calendar of events.

Central City Hospital House

Provides information related to the programs and services of the hospital. Includes volunteering and career opportunities, gift contributions, and event updates.

Christmas in the City

Presents an organization that supports homeless families throughout Boston region.

City Team Ministries

Non-profit organization that deals on serving the poor and the homeless with its list of programs, job offers, and news updates.


Non-profit advocacy network connecting homeless people with each other, shelters, service providers, and people who care.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Facilitates advocacy programs on working for the homeless and the poor with volunteering opportunities, donation procedures, and career options.

Comic Relief 2006

Strives to raise funds for the victims of the hurricane Katrina.

Common Ground

Aims to provide innovative programs and services for the benefit of the homeless and poor people.

Community Action Agency of South Central Michigan

Contains information on the organization with its humanitarian services and employment opportunities for the homeless.

Community Partnership for Homeless

Shows profile of the organization, its programs, resources, and donation methods.

Community Rebuilders

Features the association with its profile, programs, services, and events calendar.

Community Voice Mail

Provides people in crisis 24-hour voice mail that connects them to jobs and housing opportunities.

The Doe Fund, Inc.

Seeks to implement programs that address the needs of homeless individuals.

Downtown Emergency Service Center

Prioritizes emergency housing and clinical services for elderly, physically, and mentally ill people.

Dupage Pads, Inc.

Details campaign drives, and accommodation programs for the homeless.

FESCO - the Family Shelter

Puts forth details about this organization whose goal is to help destitute families across Alameda County, California.

Foothill Family Shelter

Presents an organization that shelters homeless families across San Bernardino to Los Angeles County.

Franciscan Outreach Association

Extends transitional stay, supportive services, and health care to homeless families.

Frontyard Youth Services

Provides various support programs for the homeless youth or ones who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Giving Tree Outreach Program

Outreach organization providing shelter and other basic needs to homeless and displaced children.

Hamilton Family Center

Offers emergency shelters, warm meals, rapid rehousing, and youth programs for the San Francisco Bay Area community.

Homeless Link UK

Addresses solutions to homelessness issues through research, partnership with local authorities and voluntary sectors, and implementation of various developmental programs.

Homeward Bound Of Marin

Provides transitional housing and support services to the displaced children and homeless people with mental-health disabilities.

Hope Street

Extends aid to marginalized people through self-sufficiency, counseling, and urban education programs.

Horizons for Homeless Children

Dedicated to serving homeless children by providing shelter, early care, and education.

Housing Resources, Inc.

Aims to address the housing needs of the underprivileged residents in Kalamazoo County.

I.M. Sulzbacher - Center for the Homeless

Offers health care and housing services for penniless individuals across Jacksonville, Florida.

The Inn Between of Longmont, Inc.

Provides transitional housing to uphold stability and self-sufficiency.

Inner City Christian Federation

Seeks to provide housing opportunities as one way to build a stable community.

The Institute for Human Services

Aims to help homeless families through housing transition and support services.

The Inter-Faith Council for Social Service

Strives to address basic needs of poor individuals by providing food, shelter, direct service, and advocacy.

Interfaith Hospitality Network of the South Hills

Fosters unity among local congregations to help provide foods, shelter, and social services to underprivileged individuals.

Interfaith Shelter Network

Strives to eradicate homelessness in San Diego County through cooperative partnership.

The Jeremiah Program

Seeks to provide housing opportunities to low-income single mothers with their kids.

La Puente

Strives to help the poor residents in San Luis Valley.

Long Beach Rescue

Offers spiritual guidance, food, and shelter to the less fortunate residents.

The Mad Housers

Atlanta-based aid organization that provides huts and low riders type of structures for the homeless.

MainSpring Coalition for the Homeless

Community-based organization that aims to stabilize homeless individuals in safe abodes.

Martha's Village and Kitchen

Provides emergency shelter, health care, and clothing to the residents across Coachella Valley.

Meeting Ground

Faith-based organization that extends temporary housing and support to families who are experiencing homelessness. Contains photos of the facilities and events.

Midnight Run

Volunteer organization that donates basic essentials and late-night relief to the poor people on the streets of New York.

Mission Services of London

Provides housing and health care programs and services for the disadvantaged and homeless families in the region.

Mustard Seed Ministries

Humanitarian organization that provides education, health care, and housing services to the street children in India.

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Presents new vision, plans, and programs to end homelessness problems in the United States.

National Coalition for the Homeless

National network of people working to create systemic and attitudinal changes to prevent homelessness in the communities. Includes advocacy, programs, and services.

New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans

Boston-based non-profit organization that provides residential, medical, and job placement programs for homeless veterans.

New Haven Ministries

Charity that provides housing and basic essentials to displaced families in Mineral Wells, Texas. Includes mission statement, facilities, and other aid services.

New Hope Housing, Inc.

Extends accommodation and support services to homeless families and single adults in Northern Virginia region. Contains programs, news and events, and donation options.

New York Coalition for the Homeless

Presents campaign drives and programs that seek to address homelessness in the region.

Operation Safety Net

Aid organization providing health care programs to street people and those living in vacant buildings in Pittsburg. Includes information on clinical volunteers and donation.

Ottawa Innercity Ministries

Christian charity that serves homeless people in the area through donations of relief goods, evangelism, and public education. Contains mission statement, programs, and services.

People Serving People

Humanitarian organization that provides temporary shelter to people with chemical dependencies and mental health problems.

Perspectives Family Center

Non-profit organization that provides prevention workshops and counseling to families experiencing substance and physical abuses.

Pine Street Inn

Institution that provides transitional housing and job readiness programs to homeless in the locality. Includes guest testimonies, fund drive, and online donation.

Rosie’s Place

Institution that caters accommodation services to homeless women in Boston. Contains photos of the facilities.

Ryan Shelter for the Homeless

Highlights the facility for the homeless, donors, and housing services.Includes facts on homelessness, volunteer opportunities, and donation information.

Salt Lake Community Action Program

Non-profit organization that helps low-income families through various age-appropriate empowerment programs and other relief services.

Save the Family Foundation of Arizona

Aims at helping poor families in the region through its comprehensive programs on behavioral changes, self-sufficiency, and personal growth.


Non-profit organization that seeks to help homeless families and street children in the locality through various support services. Contains program description, donation drives, and events.

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County

Features its new shelter, support services, and housing programs for the homeless.

Shelter of Flint, Inc.

Helps homeless families establish permanent stability through its broad shelter programs. Includes photos of the facilities, supportive services listings, and other housing project.

Simpson Housing Services

Strives to improve the life situations of homeless individuals.

Sole Purpose

Provides used shoes to homeless residents across Afghanistan.

Solutions at Work

Features an organization that offers transitional assistance to the homeless population.

St. Vincent de Paul Village

Seeks to eradicate the problem of homelessness and respect the dignity of each individual.

Transition House

Aims to provide solution for the problem of homelessness across Santa Barbara region.

Transition Projects Inc.

Aims to lessen homelessness in the areas of Portland and Oregon metropolitan.

Union Station Foundation

Focuses on helping the poor and the homeless by providing emergency and transitional houses.

Urban Ministries of Wake County

Seeks to eradicate poverty by providing services that fosters self-sufficiency.

Urban Pathways, Inc.

Highlights an agency that offers basic and therapeutic services for the homeless.

Warm Wishes

Presents a volunteer group that aids the homeless citizens residing on the streets of Bay Area.

Weingart Center Association

Features an organization that delivers human services to eliminate the problem of poverty and homelessness.

Welcome House - Northern Kentucky

Aims to uphold stability by generating solutions to reduce the problem of homelessness.

Women In Need, Inc.

Presents an organization that helps the homeless and less-fortunate women and children.

The Women's Daytime Drop-In Center

Aims to meet the needs of any homeless woman or child by providing a safe refuge.

Youth Without Shelter

Highlights an agency that aids homeless youths by teaching them life skills and build confidence.

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