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Wish Fulfillment Organizations

A Child’s Wish

Accepts donations for children with illness to fulfill their wishes. Includes wishes archives, testimonials, and event updates.

A Hunt Above

Provides hunting or fishing activities to handicapped and children with chronic diseases. Contains photos, schedules, and application forms.

A Special Wish Foundation

Fulfills the requests of children diagnosed with life- threatening disorders.

A Wish Come True, Inc.

Recounts fulfilled wishes and details photographed events, and accomplishments. Fund drive and ways to help included.

A Wish with Wings Texas

Fulfills requests of children with chronic illnesses. Request form and eligibility requirement included.

The Association of Wish Granting Organizations, Inc.

Provides profile of the organization with membership requirements, donation methods, and recent fulfilled wishes.


Helps realize children's wishes through its programs, fund raising projects, and donations.

Bert’s Big Adventure

Contains information on the radio show with photo galleries, its partners, and child nomination guidelines.

Carolina Sunshine

Shows lists of board of directors, wish applications, picture gallery, and event schedules.


Promotes granting of children's dreams through its referrals, application forms, partner contributions, and parents’ testimonials.

Chai Lifeline

Deals with children who have serious illness and helps them through its programs, events, and donations.

Cherished Creations

Gives a variety of fun treats to seriously ill children.

Children with Cancer Fund

Dedicated to grant wishes of children suffering from cancer.

Children’s Wish

Presents “grant a wish” event for children and also details wish partners, child referrals, and contact details.

Children’s Wish Foundation International

Extends entertaining programs to children suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer

Contains news updates, event schedules, and donations for the benefit of kids diagnosed with cancer.

Debbie Chrisholm Memorial Foundation

Dedicated to granting wishes of children with terminal illnesses.

Dream Catchers, USA

Provides terminally ill people outdoor activities.

Dream Come True

Focuses on fulfilling the dreams of seriously ill children.

The Dream Factory

Grants wishes of children suffering from chronic diseases. Contains chapter directory and testimonies.

Dream Factory Inc.

Grants dreams to critically ill children. Provides personal stories, contact and chapter information.

Dream Factory of Kansas City

Part of a US national organization that fulfills the dreams of seriously ill children.

Dream Factory, Inc.

Presents an organization that grants wishes of children having serious diseases.

Dream Foundation

Contains grant programs for terminally ill adults, and information about the foundation’s partners.


Details news updates, dream gallery, and donation options for the benefit of seriously ill children.

Dreams Come True

Endeavors to brighten the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses through wish grants.

Dreams Take Flight

Provides air trips programs to seriously ill children.

Give Kids The World

Aims to provide aspirations and hope for children having life-threatening diseases.

Give Kids the World Village

Provides children afflicted with life-threatening illnesses free adventure trips to tourist attractions in Central Florida.

Happiness Unlimited

Contains wish-fulfillment programs for adults with cancer, qualification information, and donation options.

High Hopes of New Hampshire

Foundation that grants the wishes of severely ill children between the ages of 3 and 18. Shows photos, testimonies, and event schedules.

Hunt Of A Lifetime

Proffers hunting and fishing adventures to children diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

Jason’s Dreams For Kids Foundation

Fulfills the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. Also contains stories, volunteerism information, and grant request forms.

The Joshua Foundation

Provides holiday trips to family and children diagnosed with terminal cancer. Shows testimonies and photo galleries of activities.

Kidd’s Kids

Gives free tour trips to children suffering from chronic illnesses. Includes selection process details, video compilations, and testimonies.

Kids Wish Network

Grants wishes and assistance to families through a variety of programs such as funeral and gift-giving support services.

Magic Moments

Provides camping experiences and activities to children suffering from life-threatening diseases and illnesses. Includes testimonies, application forms, volunteerism opportunities.

Making Memories

Facilitates assistance to women patients diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Recounts accomplishments.

Marty Lyons Foundation

Provides special wishes of children diagnosed with chronic diseases. Discusses application process, stories, and accomplishments.

New Hope for Kids

Focuses on granting dreams of children experiencing severe diseases across Central Florida.

Operation Liftoff

Sponsors air trips of children facing life-threatening illnesses. Recounts event highlights.

Ride A Wave

Gives physically challenged individuals the experience of water adventures. Includes program overview, activity highlights, and volunteer information.

Starlight Canada

Presents golfers that support children having life-threatening diseases.

Starlight Childrens Colorado

Provides information on the work of the Colorado chapter of the Starlight Childrens Foundation including information on upcoming events, donations and social networks.

Starlight Children's Foundation - United Kingdom

Compiles news, list of events, and other related facts about the charity.

Starlight Childrens Foundation : Washington

Describes the foundation in helping families and children when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness. Find information on programs, activities and partners.

Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

Seeks to lighten the lives of seriously ill children through wish granting programs.

The Sunshine Foundation

Provides an overview about the foundation along with events list and donation details.

Tender Wishes Foundation

Foundation striving to grand the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses provides details of the board of directors, volunteering, donations, wish list and contacts.

Western Wishes

Entertains seriously ill children through country-life and horse-riding experiences. Stories, photos, and events included.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Shows fulfilled wishes granted to children diagnosed with chronic diseases.

Will Santa Find Me Foundation

Fulfills holiday wishes of orphaned children suffering from hardships. With current projects in Cambodia and Africa.

Willow Foundation

UK based charity provides information on providing special days for seriously ill sixteen to forty year olds.

Wish Upon a Star

Law enforcement agency that fulfills requests of children diagnosed with life threatening diseases. Events and granted wishes provided.

Wishes and More

Features a variety of wish list programs. Includes stories, programs description, and fulfilled wish events.

Wishes Can Happen, Inc.

Contains wish list programs, sponsorship events, and contributions.

Wishing Star

Inspires seriously ill children through gift giving and granting wishes. Ways to help, testimonies, and stories included.

The Wishing Well Foundation USA

Brightens the lives of children diagnosed with serious illnesses through fulfilling their requests.

Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc.

Features an organization that brings joy to terminally ill kids across New Orleans, Louisiana.

Wishland Foundation

Showcases photographed events of fulfilled wishes of children with chronic diseases.

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