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Access listings dealing with philanthropic organizations dedicated to wish fulfillment including organizations assisting to grant the wishes of seriously ill children.
  • A Child’s Wish

    Accepts donations for children with illness to fulfill their wishes. Includes wishes archives, testimonials, and event updates.

  • A Hunt Above

    Provides hunting or fishing activities to handicapped and children with chronic diseases. Contains photos, schedules, and application forms.

  • A Special Wish Foundation

    Fulfills the requests of children diagnosed with life- threatening disorders.

  • A Wish Come True, Inc.

    Recounts fulfilled wishes and details photographed events, and accomplishments. Fund drive and ways to help included.

  • A Wish with Wings Texas

    Fulfills requests of children with chronic illnesses. Request form and eligibility requirement included.

  • A World of Dreams foundation

    Shows the history and the accomplishments of the organization. Includes granted wishes, testimonials, and wish lists.

  • Angelwish

    Fulfills requests and wishes of children infected of HIV/AIDS around the world. Accepts donations with donating procedures.

  • The Association of Wish Granting Organizations, Inc.

    Provides profile of the organization with membership requirements, donation methods, and recent fulfilled wishes.

  • Benefit4Kids

    Helps realize children's wishes through its programs, fund raising projects, and donations.

  • Bert’s Big Adventure

    Contains information on the radio show with photo galleries, its partners, and child nomination guidelines.

  • Carolina Sunshine

    Shows lists of board of directors, wish applications, picture gallery, and event schedules.

  • Catch-A-Dream

    Promotes granting of children's dreams through its referrals, application forms, partner contributions, and parents’ testimonials.

  • Chai Lifeline

    Deals with children who have serious illness and helps them through its programs, events, and donations.

  • Chef David’s Kids.com

    Non-profit organization that provides food for the kids. Includes slide show of pictures and wish area.

  • Cherished Creations

    Gives a variety of fun treats to seriously ill children.

  • Children with Cancer Fund

    Dedicated to grant wishes of children suffering from cancer.

  • Children’s Hopes & Dream Foundation

    Donates entertaining and educational fun booklets to children with serious childhood illnesses.

  • Children’s Wish

    Presents “grant a wish” event for children and also details wish partners, child referrals, and contact details.

  • Children’s Wish Foundation International

    Extends entertaining programs to children suffering from life-threatening diseases.

  • Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer

    Contains news updates, event schedules, and donations for the benefit of kids diagnosed with cancer.

  • Debbie Chrisholm Memorial Foundation

    Dedicated to granting wishes of children with terminal illnesses.

  • Dial-A-Dream

    Offers grant wishes to children ages between 3 and 8 years old who are diagnosed with serious illness, with latest news, application forms, and profile of the organization.

  • Dream Come True

    Focuses on fulfilling the dreams of seriously ill children.

  • The Dream Factory

    Grants wishes of children suffering from chronic diseases. Contains chapter directory and testimonies.

  • Dream Factory of Kansas City

    Part of a US national organization that fulfills the dreams of seriously ill children.

  • Dream Factory, Inc.

    Presents an organization that grants wishes of children having serious diseases.

  • Dream Foundation

    Contains grant programs for terminally ill adults, and information about the foundation’s partners.

  • Dreamfund

    Details news updates, dream gallery, and donation options for the benefit of seriously ill children.

  • Dreams Take Flight

    Provides air trips programs to seriously ill children.

  • Give Kids The World

    Aims to provide aspirations and hope for children having life-threatening diseases.

  • Give Kids the World Village

    Provides children afflicted with life-threatening illnesses free adventure trips to tourist attractions in Central Florida.

  • Happiness Unlimited

    Contains wish-fulfillment programs for adults with cancer, qualification information, and donation options.

  • High Hopes of New Hampshire

    Foundation that grants the wishes of severely ill children between the ages of 3 and 18. Shows photos, testimonies, and event schedules.

  • Jason’s Dreams For Kids Foundation

    Fulfills the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. Also contains stories, volunteerism information, and grant request forms.

  • The Joshua Foundation

    Provides holiday trips to family and children diagnosed with terminal cancer. Shows testimonies and photo galleries of activities.

  • Kidd’s Kids

    Gives free tour trips to children suffering from chronic illnesses. Includes selection process details, video compilations, and testimonies.

  • Kids Wish Network

    Grants wishes and assistance to families through a variety of programs such as funeral and gift-giving support services.

  • Magic Moments

    Provides camping experiences and activities to children suffering from life-threatening diseases and illnesses. Includes testimonies, application forms, volunteerism opportunities.

  • Making Memories

    Facilitates assistance to women patients diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Recounts accomplishments.

  • Marty Lyons Foundation

    Provides special wishes of children diagnosed with chronic diseases. Discusses application process, stories, and accomplishments.

  • Never Too Late

    Fulfills requests of the elderly aged 65 and over. Contains new highlights, donation information, and testimonials.

  • New Hope for Kids

    Focuses on granting dreams of children experiencing severe diseases across Central Florida.

  • Operation Liftoff

    Sponsors air trips of children facing life-threatening illnesses. Recounts event highlights.

  • Ride A Wave

    Gives physically challenged individuals the experience of water adventures. Includes program overview, activity highlights, and volunteer information.

  • Starlight Canada

    Presents golfers that support children having life-threatening diseases.

  • Starlight Childrens Colorado

    Provides information on the work of the Colorado chapter of the Starlight Childrens Foundation including information on upcoming events, donations and social networks.

  • Starlight Childrens Foundation

    Offers details of the Midwest chapter of the Starlight Childrens Foundation including information on donations, news updates and upcoming events.

  • Starlight Children's Foundation - United Kingdom

    Compiles news, list of events, and other related facts about the charity.

  • Starlight Childrens Foundation : New York

    Find information on the New York chapter of the foundation including information on activities, programs, work, partners, social networks, how to help and contacts.

  • Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

    Seeks to lighten the lives of seriously ill children through wish granting programs.

  • The Sunshine Foundation

    Provides an overview about the foundation along with events list and donation details.

  • Tender Wishes Foundation

    Foundation striving to grand the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses provides details of the board of directors, volunteering, donations, wish list and contacts.

  • Western Wishes

    Entertains seriously ill children through country-life and horse-riding experiences. Stories, photos, and events included.

  • When You Wish Upon A Star

    Shows fulfilled wishes granted to children diagnosed with chronic diseases.

  • Willow Foundation

    UK based charity provides information on providing special days for seriously ill sixteen to forty year olds.

  • Wish Upon a Star

    Law enforcement agency that fulfills requests of children diagnosed with life threatening diseases. Events and granted wishes provided.

  • Wishes and More

    Features a variety of wish list programs. Includes stories, programs description, and fulfilled wish events.

  • Wishes Can Happen, Inc.

    Contains wish list programs, sponsorship events, and contributions.

  • The Wishing Well Foundation USA

    Brightens the lives of children diagnosed with serious illnesses through fulfilling their requests.

  • Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc.

    Features an organization that brings joy to terminally ill kids across New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • The Wishing Well Foundation, Inc.

    Introduces its kid club and details operational matters, program overview, and eligibility requirements.

  • Wishland Foundation

    Showcases photographed events of fulfilled wishes of children with chronic diseases.

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