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Bibliclal Perspective on UFOs

Alien Resistance

Offers a bible view of UFOs and alien abduction including relevant bible verses, spritual battle, heavenly warfare, comparison of angels and aliens, the case of Enoch, and other links.

The Bible UFO Connection

Presents evidence that God travelled in flying vehicles and that the enemies of God are rapidly convincing humans that these flying vehicles are theirs and therefore evil.

EARS: Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

Presents Biblical evidence of paranormal events such as UFOs, ghosts and out of body experiences.

Echoes of Enoch Ministry

Offers a spiritual home for those who have crossed over to light from darkness of various counter culture lifestyles. Offers an alternative in Christian counselling for those who had experienced alien abduction.

God Against Us: Alien Spaceman Jesus, the World Trade Center Attack and More

Free e-book discussing current end times events as predicted in the book of Revelations.

KUFOL: KoReY UFO Literature

Provides an explanation of UFOs are related to prophecies found in the Bible.

The UFO-Jesus Connection

Book attempting to relate biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena such as the Star of Bethlemen to modern day reports of UFO sightings.

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