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  • Advanced ESP Test

    Zenner card ESP tester from the psychical research and mind magic website of Michael Daniels, PhD.

  • Avlis Publishing, LLC

    Offers resources on developing ESP and learning holistic faith healing, remote viewing, and the use of intuition.

  • ESP and PSI Tests

    Series of tests designed to determine an individual's ESP abilities.

  • ESP Trainer

    Tests and procedures on practicing clairvoyance and telepathy.

  • Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control

    Devoted to exposing over forty years of U.S. government research into ESPerception and the psychological technology of individual mind control using drugs, hypnosis and abuse.

  • Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System

    Mind training system designed to develop intuition and holistic faith healing.

  • Super Willpower ESP

    Homepage of Kenya Matsuda, an instructor of the ESP Science Research Institute. Presents an introduction to ESP along with related publications and links.

  • Think You're Psychic

    Short, interactive test to determine one's psychic potentials.

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